Friday, December 31, 2010

sketchbook progress

Another spread is done, just 2 more page spreads to go! 

It started like this . . . 

The paint you see is actually on another piece of paper (freezer paper) that I inserted into the sketchbook. It was leftover paper, I imagine from a nature printing session. It had been lying in one of my collage boxes for a long time. The photos of me at different ages are printed onto a clear transparency sheet. I used my xyron to adhere them. I added pattern tissue paper on top of the paint background with gel medium . . . .

Then I started adding Zentangle patterns and filling in with watercolor pencils -

More Zentangling and some journaling . . . . click for details

The finished spread with rubber stamping is below -

I find I have mixed feelings now as I am coming near the end of this project! I do want to finish the last two spreads and send this to the Art House co-op so it can join the other sketchbooks on Tour, but I am also a little sad it is almost complete. I will start a new journal for myself, but this first one is special. 

But I am so glad that my friend Sharon Walworth told me about this project. She was absolutely right when she said she found something she thought I would be interested in. If you would like to view all the pages in my sketchbook (that is not a sketchbook) please visit this flickr set. Expect the last 2 page spreads pretty soon!

- happy new year with lots of creative energy sent your way!


  1. Wow, so pretty! I admire (um, perhaps envy?) that you're almost done! I understand your mixed feelings, too...lots of work and creativity and then we have to send them away, not to be seen again (hmmm...until they come to Florida, that is). I think I'll be okay with it once we start getting feedback about people checking our books out. I hope our little books are treated nicely out there in the big, wide world! :)

  2. More wonderful pages! I'm so glad you explained how you achieved them, I'd never have been able to work out the different stages! Great photos.


  3. This is a fabulous spread! I agree with Joanna about your explanation of the steps you took - thanks for the mini art lesson!

  4. Wonderful spread, Lenna and I can understand you feeling somewhat melancholy about letting the journal fly.
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year, full of health, happiness and beautiful surprises.

  5. This spread is fabulous, thanks for showing the step by step! I love using sewing patterns on my pages as well, adds such a great touch!

    Happy New Year!



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