Thursday, December 9, 2010

progress: sketchbook project 2011

It is in the back of my mind that I only have about a month to finish up my sketchbook with a theme of: This is not a sketchbook!! I'm doing this for the sketchbook project 2011. Wow. I just found out (right at this moment) by visiting the home page of the Art House Co-op to grab their link, that one of my sketchbook pages is featured on their home page! That is pretty cool. Yes, I submitted this myself, but what the heck?! They approved it -yay! Anyway, here are my most recent pages and progress with this project.

This beautiful papillion paper is part of the 
Illustration pages-Antique French Dictionary
available from
Green Paper Packages!

As you can see, I only have a few blank spreads left!
It needs to be postmarked by Jan 15th, 2011.
You can view ALL the pages in my sketchbook in detail here
Or, watch an easy slideshow, featuring large photos here!


  1. These pages are great and congratulations on being accepted on the sponsoring site......I love the color and all the texture you use.....Don't worry, you'll get it done.....

  2. Your pages look fascinating! The new spread is gorgeous - love those butterflies!

  3. Congrats on the home page honors! Your pages are just fabulous - so much to look at and so colorful, too.

  4. Hi Lenna! Your sketchbook looks fab! :D

  5. Took the time to link back to study all your sketchbook pages. Such a visual feast! I love your "outside-the-box" ability to have ruffly/raggedy edges with dangly bits. And all the color.....!

  6. your sketchbook is so full of colour, texture and beauty, Lenna. I am enjoying following your sketchbook journey! And congrats on the homepage. I'm off to take a look now!

  7. Ooooh, what delicious pages! They re wonderful, I love the colour and texture of them. Brilliant work, I'm not surprised you were selected for the home page.


  8. Lenna,
    I have spent a good chunk of time looking at your blog & flickr page. Then I got caught up in the free tutorial section. WOW! You produce a huge volume of art. And it is truly amazing stuff! I am so glad to meet you via Mary. I love Mary so much, such a talented & generous person. I think I could learn much from you. I love your techniques. Look forward to our collaboration. Lisa



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