Monday, December 13, 2010

just a peek

at what I was working on yesterday . . .

My husband Steven made the wooden table top above out of cherry strips. He learned this technique from my dad and the boats they have worked on together. Steven is also using this same technique on an unfinished canoe he picked up inexpensively and is now completing . . . click for more detail.

Deck strips added
He does a lot of reading about this type of thing too! The woodwork in the first photo is done on top of an old plastic table of my parent's that we are recycling. Steven literally insisted I do nature printing on top of this table. We have a coffee table I rubber stamped that he absolutely adores. How could I say no! I had a lot of fun too. 

I will share more of the nature printed table when Steven finishes epoxying and varnishing on top of the prints I did. That will really make the prints pop and protect them as well! 

Yeah! Another collaborative project for us! 


  1. Just BEAUTIFUL!! I love the depth and varying colors in the leaves. You are always up to such amazing projects! :-)

  2. How wonderful that Steven really appreciates your art! The tables look wonderful.

  3. I'm not surprised he insisted - that's going to be a beautiful table. I love your coffee table too, what a talented team you are!


  4. both tables are just gorgeous, Lenna!

  5. What a creative pair you are! There's nothing quite like having interests in common..... The tables are beautiful, as is your relationship with your DH.

  6. love your stamped furniture! I used to hand-paint furniture, but never even thought of using stamps - what a clever idea!

    It's cool that Steven has gotten into boat building!

  7. Together you have created a gorgeous piece of art! And how lovely to have this in your home to form a reminder of another spendid art co-operation between you and Steven.

  8. Can't wait to see it finished, it's already beautiful & I love your coffee table.....together you create such beautiful art!!!



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