Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27th and it's 39 degrees (in Florida!)

It seems it is cold and snowy everywhere. Even here in Florida I am wearing a hat and scarf! Yes, on the beach no less, but still! It's very windy. I fooled around with Photoshop for the photo below. Click to view.

Steven says there really is a "winter -time" in Florida. 
But no snow here yet, so we are counting our blessings!!

my "blip" of the day -I've really been enjoying that. ; ^   ) lenna 


  1. Now - that kind of winter I could like. Keep warm!

  2. Looks like a brisk walk indeed! We actually did get snow here the other day... not too far north in FL from you. It was just a few seconds, but you could tell it was snow! Stay warm.



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