Tuesday, November 30, 2010

summer skinny for Linda K!

It gives me great joy to create a skinny page for Linda Kunsman as part of the Oh My Gothic yahoo group exchange ; ^  ). I have known Linda K for at least 5 years through yahoo groups, email & art swaps. Linda has always been so kind to me and has also created the best art! My favorite is a canvas collage piece Linda made for a swap I hosted in 2005 on a theme of "moon & stars". This matched our wedding theme and the swap participant's extra collages helped to decorate the room where Steven and I got married! Linda's piece was so personalized for me and Steven, it really touched my heart -still does. See it at the 'canvas' link above.

For the skinny page exchange we create 4" x 8" pages for a different participant each month based on that person's theme, while someone else creates a page for us. When the swap ends this spring, we'll have about 15 skinny pages we can bind into a collaborative book! Linda's theme is "summer" - her favorite time of year. She said, think beach, vintage, nature, birds, lace . . . .  Here's is what I came up with for Linda! It is an all fabric page fused and glued with a piece of heavyweight Fast2Fuse in the middle for support.

I used real shells and a sand dollar I had gathered.
Some of the fabric I painted myself (in the summer!)  
-the two strips tied together above 
and the turquoise strip in the middle below.

The two photos in the middle of each page 
were ones I took myself & printed on fabric -
those are my little black Crocs!
And there is real Florida sand sprinkled on here & there.

This page is especially for you, Linda K. I am so lucky to have your favorite season here in Florida most of the time now. I wanted to send you something to remind you of summer whenever you looked at it!
big hugs from lenna!


  1. This is just so lovely, Lenna! And so different from the snow and cold outside my window.

  2. On this cold and snowy day, summer seems a very long time ago! Thank you for bringing a warm breath of Florida sunshine into my sitting room. These skinny pages are beautiful, of course. The colours are wonderful, just perfect. I LOVE the big shell too. All lovely. Linda will love them.


  3. It is lovely to be reminded of sunshine and warmth when it's cold and dreary outside.

  4. Just looking at these beautiful pages warms me up! And how great you have Crocs featured! I only had to give up wearing them when the snow started to fall! I live in them during the summer. I'm sure Linda will love them!

  5. Linda will love these beautifully beachy pages, so lovingly embellished!

  6. oh dear Lenna you've brought tears to my eyes. These are just so very beautiful, and I surely feel the love that went into them! All your personal touches will surely warm my heart thru out the coming winter and always. Thank you sweet friend. Linda

  7. Wow - these are lovely. I have tons of fabric from my quilting days - I should put some of it to good use like you do.
    Is the word 'summer' a stamp? I like that look, just not sure how others achieve it.

  8. I have never heard of a "skinny"! I learn so much through you and Sharon about mixed media art. :-) Your ocean inspired pages are gorgeous. I am a BEACH person too (although I'm not fond of wearing a bathing suit - sheesh). I live for the summer, so I just LOVE these pages! What a great book it will be once it is all compiled in the Spring.



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