Sunday, November 7, 2010

moving in and finding art

It is taking me a while this time to move into my studio. I am unpacking all my stored art supplies, but I find it takes a lot of effort! So I do a little, then I leave it be for a while, then I do a little more. I am happy to say I have gotten enough unpacked that i am getting comfortable with creating in my new space.

Here you can see I have even found some of Steven's father's sculpture, which I love. Our house is not very big and so I get to have a few pieces right in my studio for inspiration (they are in front of the window on the left -click for a larger view). Steven's dad Ed was a plastic surgeon and what we would both call a 'Renaissance man'. He drew like an angel, painted, did sculpture, woodwork, ceramics, metalworking, welding . . . Steven tells me their basement had all kinds of set-ups for making molds and casts for sculpture, there was a darkroom, wood working equipment, a kiln . . . Steven describes the basement like a factory where you could produce anything out of metal, clay or wood! Ed Deming taught sculpture for over 30 years. He passed away in 1986.

Ed Deming

Ed's sculptures that are keeping me company in my studio now.

One fun part about unpacking is the things you find, especially artwork like the sculptures above. Not too long ago, I participated in a Vintage Gluebook ATC swap hosted by Mary Green. It was part of the Your Vintage GlueBook online class Mary teaches. As soon as I received my swaps, I knew I wanted to display them all together. I hung on to them . . . and just came across them the other day when upacking. A friend of mine had given me a few Vintage towels . . .  and this is what I came up with to display them in my studio, below.

I used large sticky "glue dots" to attach them to the Vintage towel, what do you think?? The cards I have displayed are by: Frieda Oxenham, Sharon Walworth, Sarah Hemphill, Marilyn Butler, "Lou", and Nan Daly. I simply love seeing these ATCs all together. Mary Green has a new online class which starts today! I will be there as a student because I love her classes and get so much out of them -Click here to view more details!

I also have a few more photos of my slowly moving-in process; photos of my studio and our new little home. If you are curious, you can look at them in an easy to view slideshow, here.  

happy november! 


  1. Looks like your studio is coming along nicely. Wonderful sculptures. I love your big windows - it must be wonderful to have so much natural light in your studio.

  2. Love the windows with that fantastic view; the amazing sculptures; the way you displayed the VGB ATC's! What a lovely studio you will have when all finished.

    Thank you, Lenna, for your sweet comments on my recent blog posts. Sure do appreciate the feedback.

  3. What a great idea for displaying your ATCs! I joined too late to be part of the swap... Nice to have such a nice big window to look outdoors from your studio ...

  4. It's definitely an honour to be up on your wall, Lenna and I love the way you've displayed these ATCs!



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