Saturday, November 20, 2010

grey and terracotta

Grey and Terracotta -what a lovely color combination. I truly loved creating these ATCs for my Colour Groupies partners in crime/art.

One for each of us
These ATCs were done on watercolor paper and collaged with an old, grey vintage letter (a real letter, mary!!), ripped pieces of terracotta colored paper, tiny paint chips from the hardware store, and images from Vintage Image Madness -thank you Casie! Then I used my water color crayons to add more terracotta color to the white watercolor paper. Click on any image for lots more details.

for Caryl Hoobler

for Debby Harriettha

for Frieda Oxenham

One for my collection

This is my 3rd year doing this exchange and since I keep all of the ATCs in notebooks dedicated to this exchange, I always make one for myself so there is a complete set. Colour Groupies is a small, closed group of 4 -soon to be 5, when Tristan rejoins us next year. Yay!! I feel very blessed to be involved. We brainstorm a bunch of colour combinations and plan them out for the year, then monthly create the ATCs on that month's theme. this was October's combo. I will have November's ATCs for you soon, now that everyone has received their cards. We want it to be a surprise and don't share them until they are received!

now go be creative!

 ; ^  ) lenna


  1. The colour combination really is delicious - I will have to remember this!
    LOL, I hope your backyard is big enough for the fleet Steve is acquiring.

  2. I LOVE these Lenna - what a great colour combo and one I would never think to use. Saucy too!


  3. Such a pretty color combo! What fun you have had with this group. I love these ATC's, Lenna.

  4. And of course as one of the Colour Groupies I LOVE receiving mine! And am already looking forward to another year of ATC exchanges.

  5. Lenna - I like this - never thought to try this colour but it really works... Jewels

  6. These turned out lovely! I love this color combination!



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