Friday, November 19, 2010

boats, boats & more boats!

Steven's new boat, Windy
This makes 11 boats that could be in our backyard at one time! But doesn't he look happy? This one did not cost much but it does need some work. My husband is just the man for the job. He says this boat, a Spindrift, will be roomier and more comfortable for passengers, so I should love going out in it (hint hint). It will certainly not be as much work to fix up as Starfish, the free . . . free?! they spent a whole bunch! But they did get it for free, sailboat Steven and my Dad rebuilt earlier this year. I've enjoyed going out in Starfish. That's a modified Windmill, which is a racing class sailboat -not much legroom! Steven is thinking that when his new boat is fixed up, he may rent it out, hmmm . . .  a way to finance his love of boats? He practically has a fleet of them that he could rent now! I haven't mentioned yet that he recently picked up 2 mostly finished wee lassie strip built canoes and is finishing them, adding bamboo masts (bamboo from my parent's yard) sails, a centerboard, rudder and tiller to one of the canoes, to make it a sailing canoe! If I am passionate about my art, Steven is passionate about his boats.

His friends down at the boat building shop tease him, saying he is "putting a schooner rig on a 14 pound Wee Lassie"  ; ^  )) These canoes are really are quite light. I have a photo of my dad in 2006, holding the one he built for Steven! See below.
The Wee Lassie weighs about 11 lbs here -not finished
Dad built this boat for Steven in 2006

The whole story of my dad building this wee lassie is here if you're interested! Thanks for following my journey, xo lenna


  1. Sounds like Steven is quite knowledgeable when it comes to restoring and reconstructing those boats! Now you won't have any excuse for going boating with him. Love the picture of your dad carrying the canoe he made.

  2. John wants to let Steven know he is MOST impressed with his carpentry skills and wonderful workspace!
    And I am impressed by how organized it looks!

  3. Great post - it's perfect that you both have your passions, so you can understand where the other person is coming from. That's a beautiful canoe your dad made for Steven!


  4. WOW....look at all of the gorgeous craft!!!!

    And those wee canoes, only 14 lbs! Do they make a flat rate priority mail box that size....if so, please send me one, I am totally lusting after some of the beautiful wood!!!



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