Monday, November 22, 2010

apple green and white

Here are my Color Groupies ATCs for November; the color combo is Apple & White -which I translated as "apple green" and white ; ^  ). Click on any photo or scan for more detail, as I take you through my process creating these ATCs.

My first step is always to gather things related to my theme to spark ideas.

I photographed the apple and printed it on both white paper and translucent vellum.

I chose the translucent velum print and stitched it to white fabric. 

What the back looks like . . . before I cut them apart!

The front of the finished Apple green and White ATCs.

The back

what fun! i love these challenges, they keep me sharp creatively!
thank you, frieda, debby, caryl and Tristan! 


  1. Lenna,

    So fresh and pretty these ATC's are. Your posts are wonderful mini-lessons... so generous you are!

  2. Love the green of that apple - it has to be the greenest apple I've ever seen! Thanks for taking us through the process - fab atc's.


  3. These are great and I really appreciate how you take us through the process......

    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. The apple looks good enough to take a bite right out of it! Wonderful ATC's, Lenna!

  5. They are amazing in real, love this one Lenna.

  6. Hi Lenna
    Fantastic images of the granny smith apple - looks good enough to eat!!
    I could almost manage that process, maybe one day I'll give it a go too!
    Please say some prayers for our 29 trapped miners - they are in their 5th day underground now - not good....
    take care
    Shane x

  7. Very, very inspiring process, Lenna! I just love when you do what you do.

  8. wow Lenna, that is such a great idea. thaks for sharing how you create. Those ATC's are gorgeous!

  9. That photograph with the actual apple and the apple pictures is wonderful, Lenna. A picture of pictures!
    And of course I love adding one of these beautiful ATCs to my Color Groupies collection!



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