Sunday, November 28, 2010

altered books with sharon

This is one spread of pages I did recently in Sharon Borsavage's Altered Book that I am collaborating on with her. Sharon's theme is birds and I have been enjoying her theme very much. It has been months since I worked in either one of our books with moving and all -we've kept a very loose schedule for sending. Once I started working in her book the other day I wondered why I had not made myself jump in sooner! I so enjoyed myself. Sharon recently sent my own book back with some gorgeous work in it, that she did . . . if you would like to pick and chose some of our AB pages to view, please take a look at our collaborative set of Altered Book pages. If you'd rather view an easy to watch slide show with large photos -try that link. I have 3 new spreads to share you can see there on flickr and I have uploaded Sharon's recent work as well. Now! dear sharon, I hope your cold is better! I'm also hoping this book arrives on your doorstep soon. Thank you for the opportunity to work collaboratively with you!!!!! xo lenna 


  1. Breathtaking! Love the addition of feathers on the page.

  2. Lenna,

    Having seen this book in person (so to speak) I am thrilled to see it all over again in your photos. One sees different things in a photo when the only sense being used is vision. In person, there is texture to consider as well. Photos and the reality are neither better or worse, just different.....

  3. Another beautiful example of your gorgeous art, Lenna!



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