Wednesday, November 3, 2010

11.2.2010 The minnow Pond

11.2.10-minnowPond, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
For the Sketchbook project 2011. Click on the photo above for more!
The "tower" of artwork on the left hand page is done by my good friend, Sharon Borsavage. She recenly sent me a copy of her artwork and it was just right for this page spread! Below, is something funny I have to point out because you probably would not know otherwise . . . .

The image of me in a blue baseball cap and our dog Asia is a photo of us I had printed onto a credit card when the option of using your own photos was given. I was cutting this credit card up when I said, hey! I should save this for possible use in my artwork. The photo is taken in Canada, Wolfe island, the Thousand Islands, canoeing in the the minnow pond and taken by my husband steven . . . it is funny how these things work sometimes. It was the photo I took of the water lily that got me started with this spread. 

Another wild, but satisfying (at least to me!) spread in my sketchbook for the art house co-op


  1. Beautiful spread! And now I am dreaming of childhood summer days, chasing minnows...

  2. Gorgeous spread, Lenna, and how I wish you could have credit cards like that here. But alas, only the boring standard ones are issued in the U.K.!

  3. Wonderful colours in this gorgeous spread.


  4. I love your designs and compostions Lenna, rhey are so meaningful and the colors always sing!
    Will write soon!



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