Friday, October 29, 2010

sketchbook project 2011 - last call

The scan above shows the last time that I worked in my moleskin that is used only for the Sketchbook 2011 project. This page was scanned on September 6th, 2010 - yikes! I really need to get back to creating in this sketchbook in a bad way, so watch for something new soon. 

I am writing about this project because there is only 1 day left to register. If you are interested in participating registration goes through October 31, 2010. This is one of many projects that are organized by the art house co-op. It's hard to believe, but there are over 25,000 participants registered for the sketchbook project. Do you think they got the word out?! sheesh. Are you curious at all? Find out more about the Sketchbook project HERE.

The art house co-op also sponsors other cool projects that are open for participation and you can read about them here. Both Frieda Oxenham and I (we are good friends) signed up for a new project of theirs called AMLP: a million little pictures: photomobile. So cool! Especially since neither one of us knew that the other one was signing up. It just happened that way. I got my custom designed disposable camera from the art house co-op today. My theme is "27 ways to say . . . . "
I have not decided '27 ways to say - WHAT' yet, but I will be thinking of it. It has been a long time since I have done anything but digital photos, so this will be an interesting project, that's for sure. 

I found on the art house co-op's website:
"Art House Co-op organizes interactive art projects that connect thousands of artists from all over the world and operates the Brooklyn Art Library, our storefront space and permanent archive. All of our projects are open to everyone."

I really think they have something going on!! I was very happy to find out today that The Sketchbook Project 2011 TOUR had been expanded to include Winter Park, Florida, July 29-31. Wowser!! I might be able to go SEE my own Sketchbook . . . and Frieda's, and Lisa Mallete's, and Marnie's, and Sharon Walworth's, Sarah Boblit's, Elizabeth's, Nadia's and Mary Green's . . . plus I am sure there are more friends doing this project that I don't know about. Please let me know if you are involved in this project too. What a treat that would be to see yours in person, my kind of treat as in 'trick or treat!'

creatively yours,


  1. Hi Lenna,

    I've registered ! so now I'm involved in the project too

    May be we see each other in Florida ?



  2. Oh what fun that will be. I'll be getting an e-mail to let me know someone has borrowed my sketchbook and that will be YOU! I'm so happy one of us will be able to go and see this project in person and I'm already looking forward to hearing all about it!
    And guess what, my camera arrived on the same day as yours!! How did they manage that?!


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