Wednesday, October 13, 2010

just a couple photos . . .

a bird at my parent's dock the other evening . . .

a photo taken this afternoon ; ^ )
Note my new hair color (again). Being a red head just didn't stick with me!

I have just a couple of recent photos to share with you. I would love to be creating, but I have not been able to focus on unpacking those many art boxes yet. Can you imagine this statement coming from me, who seems to always be arting it up?  I might be able to squeeze in making some things with the travel cases I packed, but instead I am finishing swapping out the technique tag swap, planning & writing up a new swap, visiting with my sister who was here for a number of days, and I started an exercise program that takes me out of the house for classes or training every day, phew! I just seem to be caught up in what i've already got on my plate. So I have decided not to worry about my studio!!! But I did kind of want to say to you, don't worry. My art will be back here soon - I'm already itching to do some! -sending love, lenna


  1. You will get around to unpacking as soon as you are ready. It must feel good to be in your house now, knowing you don't need to move again soon.

  2. Lookin' good, Lenna! We all need a break at times and it seems you are quite involved in living your life at the moment. I have always been amazed at the amount of artwork you produce; my "play" time is limited. Can't wait to see the new swap details and class!

  3. God to hear you're craftin' will be back! I see you've got the button for Mary's new class on your side bar, are you going to be doing it?


  4. YOU come first...I have no doubt the art will happen because it is always with you!
    Wonderful photos Lenna!

  5. What a beautiful bird on a wonderful photograph. Great water picture.
    Love the new hairdo!
    And remember there is no rush. One day you will simply wake up and feel in the right frame of mind to start unpacking those boxes and till then, forget about them!

  6. Lenna you are so beautiful!
    I haven't had much art time either but I am excited to get back to creating as well!

  7. don't worry,
    be happy,
    and you look it...



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