Tuesday, October 26, 2010

happy October 25th

On this day six years ago when I was separated and not yet divorced from my husband who had left me, I called my old friend Steven Deming at work. We have know each other since 1972. I had learned recently from our good friend Garth that Steven was divorced (much the same circumstances as me). This was news to me, as we had not spoken for some time! Three and a half weeks after I called him on October 25th, Steven & I simply knew we were going to get married. It was amazing. We were always just friends before. My divorce was final in April and in June, Steven & I tied the knot. Today we celebrated October 25th!

Happy anniversary, Steven! Dinner out and a canoe trip, what more could we ask for?!
moon & star my dad carved on the canoe he made
The electric motor works well even on the peterborough canoe!!

The Manatee River, Bradenton, FL

Happy anniversary of that amazing day, october 25th!
We are still thanking our lucky stars.


  1. Congratulation on this joyful anniversary! May you always remain so close and so happy!

  2. You two are SO meant to be. Congratulations on finding each other.

    I sometimes think supposing I hadn't met Grant (my soul mate) - what a lonely life I would be living, possibly with someone else, but still ultimately lonely.

    Your finding each other definitely deserves celebration!


  3. Happy Anniversary, my dear sweet friends. Your day looks awesome.

  4. I simiply can't get enough of hearing about this amazing, and oh so romantic event! What a great day this is for you both. The stars were definitely shining on the two of you and still are! Lots of congratulations and a big hug for you both!

  5. What a wonderful story to hear, especially in these times! He is Gorgeous and so are you!

    Sandra Evertson

  6. Hey Lovebirds;

    Just remember you owe it all to me, the finding each other, the moon & stars... when I come down to visit and make Steven swill beers with me!
    ... and then we'll go out in boats....

  7. Thank you all, and especially to Garth! xo lenna



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