Saturday, October 23, 2010

dogs on a boat

"dogs on a boat" - Now this sounds almost scary, but it was actually fun. I think Asia & Chloe had a great time, and they got to sail to their favorite park to take their usual walk! This was my second time in the rebuilt sailboat name Starfish and I felt even more comfortable, despite our additional passengers. : ^ ) lots of photos in this set (click to view) as taking photos is another creative outlet of mine. Here are a few favorites:

thank you, steven, for sharing your passion - this sailing/motoring trip was a wonderful adventure! Now, I just can't help but add a link to one of our favorite videos . . . the censored version of 'I'm on a boat'!


  1. They look so darn cute - I like the second from the last one - so worldly!

  2. How, what delicious creatures. Wish I could hug them! (talking of the dogs, of course!!)

  3. Aww! They look so at home on the boat. What a wonderful day that must have been. Marnie

  4. What gorgeous dogs! I love the 2nd photo in particular - what an (old) sea-dog, that's not Steven I'm talking about!

    Great photos, a great adventure.


  5. Thanks to everyone for your lovely, lovely comments. They made my day!
    xo lenna



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