Wednesday, October 6, 2010

de soto national park

It is so lovely to be able to walk at De Soto park again. It is cooling down here in Bradenton, Florida. That means it is 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the mornings instead of a very warm 85! There have been some north winds blowing these past few days. While it gets sunny and warm during the day, it is not 95 and so humid like it was. A welcome change! We are able to walk at our favorite park where the trail hugs De Soto Bay at times. Incredibly, we saw dolphins today! Steven tried to get some photos, but was difficult to do. They are such beautiful creatures, gliding in and out of the water.

walking with Asia & Chloe at De Soto - yes, i am happy!

Steve and Lenna October 6th, 2010

Asia and Chloe - click for more detail and color!!


If you click on this photo and make it larger, you may be able to see
a grey dolphin in front of the boat at the end of the anchor line . . . .

My sister and nephew are coming tomorrow from Connecticut to celebrate Kathy's birthday on Friday and my dad's birthday on Sunday : )) They will be here until Monday and we are looking forward! Till next time!


  1. We are having a nice mild spell of Indian Summer - even at night it is not really cold. Well, actually, the weather has been like this for most of the summer (that wasn't).
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Beautiful intense colours in these photos, Lenna - particularly the one with Asia and Chloe, that's stunning!

    Enjoy your family weekend,


  3. Beautiful pictures, Lenna! Enjoy your weekend celebrations with your family.

    BTW, I order the Zentangle books - can't wait for them to arrive and try my hand at those tangles.

  4. I used to love Indian Summer when I lived in CT, Renate . . . and I know it gets pretty cold for you in germany, so enjoy! The seasons here in Florida are quite different.

    And thank you, Jo! Those photos were taken in the shade so I did adjust the brightness and color. I am sure that is why they are so intense! I wanted to see those cute puppies faces : ^ )

    Thanks, Joy. We will enjoy this weekend. I am glad you ordered the zentangle books too, I found them very helpful.

  5. That's such a fantastic picture of those adorable dogs of yours! And you and Steven look pretty good too! The weather too looks delicious!

  6. Loving the photos of you and the pups-we have a second rescue-she is a glossy black Labradoodle. I housebroke her and now she is living with Alex at college. Her name is Coco Chanel!

  7. Oh Lenna, what a nice little visit I had with you, the sail boat!!! your do look so so happy - what a beautiful story - and I don't remember seeing your puppies before - they are adorable!



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