Saturday, October 2, 2010

ATC swap: zentangle style!

It was fun!
I got to meet a few local artists, trade ATCs and I had fun shopping for handmade papers, a weakness of mine. I also got a new book, Zentangle 3. It has quite a few interesting new patterns/tangles for me to try out. A few yards of May Arts ribbons and a package of Grunge paper that was on sale rounded off the morning nicely. Have you tried Tim Holtz's Grunge paper? Please let me know what you have done with it! And enjoy a few photos from this morning at Keeton's, below. Click on any of them for a larger photo.

I decided to add a coat of self-leveling gel medium to protect my ATCs.
This is what I brought to the swap meet - my first IN-Person one!
I met and traded with Susan on the left, Bonnie on the right, and that is my Zentangle instructor, patsy Monk  in the middle. Thanks to her for organizing this! 
some trading going on at Keeton's . . . 
The B/W cards in front are some I received in trade - i love the pencil one!
patsy demonstrating "betweed", a new tangle pattern.
look at those beautiful zentangles! (click for details)
The ATCs I had left over on the left (this was a small swap) and what I received in trade, so cool!  I kept the ATC on the bottom left with the green "seaweed" as Steven calls it; to give to him - his favorite I made.
ATCs patsy is making for a large swap of teachers, using paint chips to tangles on. Traditional zentagles are not done with color added like I did.
Of course, I had to be different!! ; ^ )
it was a lot of fun - the shopping too!! How was your weekend?


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I've never used grungepaper so I'll be interested to hear what others have to say about it.


  2. I have been zentangling for a few months now and love it. I add color to mine too when they ask for it. Some zentangles need color.
    Perhaps a swap is brewing?

  3. Hi Lenna, zentangles look so cool, I'm going to have to try! Just out of curiosity what is that roll that you bought with the gold pattern on it? **peers at last image curiously** x

  4. Thank you all for the comments. Melanie, the roll with the gold pattern on it is some of my favorite handmade paper. I was so delighted to find some here in Florida. On the tag it just has a number and ribbons & leaves, Gold & Cream, 25 x 37. It is a cream mulberry paper with gold printing on it. The mulberry paper part often melts away when collaged with glue, see an example of this here! Thanks for asking ; ^ ) lenna

  5. You'll really love Grunge paper; it looks and smells just like leather, especially when you tint it with dye inks. Check out my blog post here: in which I made a mini book with grunge paper for the cover.

    And a zentangle swap would be awesome!

  6. Sometimes a small swap is more fun - I love the ones you got in the swap! Sounds like Keeton's is a fabulous store; good that you have one close by now.

    A zentangle swap?? Sounds interesting. . .

  7. Me, again! Just clicked on the link you mentioned to Melanie where you used the gold paper - that is your collage that I won and OWN!!!! I absolutely love it and have it displayed in my studio. And, yes, I see what you mean by the cream part of the paper fading away. A wonderful piece of art, dear Lenna.

  8. Thanks so much, Joy! I am glad you love it.

  9. I am finding this zentangle idea amazing. It is so similar to how I used to doodle way back in college. I am going to have to get back into it. I think a swap would be fun. I also have to agree that while I like black and white - I love you colors! I also like the idea of doing it on paint chips.

  10. Donna, I had the same reaction. It seemed like the doodling I used to do when I was younger. Well, it is, but it is also more than that! I would recommend checking out the About page on the Zentangle site written by the originators of this art form and also take a look at the flickr group for a huge variety of patterns/tangles, some of which are "original" tangles and others are made up by zentangle enthusists!
    As far as a swap through Creative Swaps, I am definitely considering it, although I have another idea I may want to do first!

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  12. Zentangle Flickr group, copy + paste:

  13. So good to hear you had a good time, Lenna, and some very well deserved retail therapy. Love your cards because they have that wonderful colour added to them. And by the way you can sew through the grunge paper to attach it to fabric if you want to. Just take it easy!



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