Saturday, October 16, 2010

another creative swap complete

I have a second blog that only focuses on the creative swaps I host, and you can view it here. Hosting art swaps is something I love to do and I have been told that I have a talent for it too, isn't that sweet? No wonder I keep doing them! I document the participation as the swaps come in by uploading the art, but I always like to finish the swap off with some sort of video or slide show. I do this for myself and the participants. I am so proud of what we have both accomplished! To see my latest animoto video featuring the tags & techniques from our swap, please click HERE! This video is almost 6 minutes long, but the music is great (i think!) and I do think you will enjoy all the beautiful work. I will be announcing a new swap soon, a Mail ART swap - and I am so psyched!!!

my own technique tag book - I also participated!

A big thanks to all the participants.
I hope to see you in the next creative swap!!


  1. So nice to finally see YOUR pages for the swap, Lenna! :) Love the slideshow; you did a great job.

  2. I love this little book, so very sweet! I can just imagine how lovely they all were - having seen what wonderful tags I got in your tag swap.
    Claire x

  3. Thank you both, Lisa & Claire!
    Yes, it was the first color based tag swap that led to this technique one, Claire. I enjoyed both so much; your shades of white tags in the first swap were beautiful! I hope to see you both in a future creative swap as I love your art ; ^ )



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