Thursday, September 30, 2010

zentangle firsts

First Zentangle® ATCs, by lenna
Not too long ago I came across Zentangle®. This is a simple way of drawing repetitive patterns to create beautiful imagery. Sarah, a student and swap participant, is really the person who introduced zentangle to me with one of her swap pieces she did in this fashion. That's when I got really intrigued. The first post I wrote about this subject last month and the first experiences I had with zentangle, can be found here. More on the theory of zentangle can be found here. This is on the originator's website and it is really quite interesting. With my recent move and all that entails, I have not been able to practice much of this new art form I learned from the first zentangle class I took last month. But last weekend, I received an email from my Zentangle® teacher, patsy monk. She was reminding students that the local art supply store here in Bradenton FL, Keeton's, would be hosting a Zentangle ATC swap this Saturday 10/2/10. Wow! I still had unpacking to do, but man . . .  this sounded like just what I needed after not creating anything for a couple weeks. So, I made myself start some ATCs.

I must say I am not at ease with this new process yet, as I am new to all the patterns and have far from mastered any of them. Yes, you can create your own patterns too, but I would like to start with some tried and true basics. So, I struggled a bit at first, but then got into it. I also struggled with the decision of whether to add color or not. Traditional tangles are black white and grey, created with a permanent pen and a pencil. In the end, I decided that my ATCs needed color and I found my watercolor crayons. Here are the very same ATCs shown at the top of the page, after I added watercolor.

zentangle ATCs with color added 9/30/10
I have created 6 to trade so far and hope to make at least 4 more before Saturday! Here are the rest, both versions (with and without color).

Hope you enjoy, I sure did! I have been a little under the weather, although I'm feeling better today. The downside of this is that is my studio is still very much deep in boxes and pretty much totally unpacked a week after we have moved! At least I had the foresight to put blank watercolor paper ATCs, Micron pens, pencils and watercolor crayons in a supply bag that has made it into a cupboard. That bag and my already received current swap pieces are all that are really in place in my studio! oh well . . . i know it will  happen  ; ^ ) 
I almost forgot! Just this week Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, creators of Zentangle® made their first YouTube video showing how to tangle "betweed."


  1. These are absolutely awesome, Lenna!
    I know you will get set up in your studio soon. Hope you are feeling at home already.

  2. well these tangles look terrific!!! THanks for the link to the Utube video tooooo.

  3. For a gal that's never done these before; these are fabulous, Lenna! I love the colored ones best! Hope you post pics of the ones you get in the swap, too.

  4. Thank you all for your sweet comments! That is a great idea, Joy . . . to post what I receive as trades. ; ^ ) lenna

  5. Lenna,

    I love how you added color to your zentangles. I like them in black and white, but I really love them in color. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    Mary Wilkins

  6. You won't be surprised to hear I love the coloured versions! And what a great opportunity to meet like-minded people at the swap tomorrow. Hope you'll have a fab time and can't wait to hear all about it!
    Glad you're feeling better.



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