Monday, September 20, 2010

we are here in our new home

tired, but very happy . . . phew!

moving day!
Very importantly, Steven moved all of the boats. I believe there are 8 of them, but not sure. They seem to multiply.
The living room got set up this afternoon. It is small but nice & cozy. 
Another view of the living room. 
Kitchen to my studio . . . 
There is a lovely kitchen . . . 
An even lovelier studio (i think!!)
Our first dinner here.

 a happy and tired lenna


  1. Congrats on being moved! Best wishes for a wonderful new home!

  2. Congratulations, Lenna - you're there, hurrah! Wishing you a very happy home, it looks lovely (I'm so lovin' that studio).


  3. What could go wrong when you're being moved by spirit movers?? The new house looks beautiful, Lenna, and even the dogs bowls have already found a spot, right outside your studio! I wish you all lots of happiness and joy in your new home! And I look forward to all the art you'll create in your new studio.

  4. I know how tired you will be Lenna - it's such a business moving.
    Packing then cleaning up the old place and re-organizing all your things at the new place.
    You've done well and it all looks really great.
    You're so lucky to have a designated "studio" - yhour special place!!
    Take care

  5. You have a really lovely home Lenna, may it be filled with love and, of course, much creativity! x

  6. Lenna,

    What a lovely home! I am in awe of your studio, especially with the window! May you and Steve be very happy in this lovely place.

    Mary Wilkins

  7. Thank you all for your good wishes! We just returned from a final cleaning our former rental home and i am so . . . t i r e d! shoo whee. But feeling very blessed for a lovely home of our own with a fabulous studio space near my parents. The studio window is one of my favorite features too, mary.
    ; ) lenna

  8. Hi Lenna,
    congratulations, it all looks lovely.Wishing you happiness in your new home.

  9. Looks like you´ve found what we´re all dreaming of ... enjoy and take a rest and then - get inspired! Looking forward to your future projects, Lenna!

  10. Oh Lenna, I DO feel your pain, having moved way too many times.

    But now you can truly settle in & enjoy your new home, and not have to think about moving for a while, a long while i hope for your sakes!

    I really like the way you're setting it up, it makes you want to cozy in & relax. ENJOY the calm after the storm!!!


  11. Congrats Lenna. Your home looks lovely. Wishing you the very best of everything under the Florida sun!
    Cheers, Leah

  12. Lenna..glad your move to your new home is over. Your new home is just lovely. I'm loving your studio space with that awesome window.

  13. Your new home looks great - may I wish you both every happiness in it. Love your studio!



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