Sunday, September 12, 2010

vintage travel ATCs

This is probably the last bit of artwork I will do before I move house a week from Monday (9/20/10) and I wanted to share what I've done. Some people might wonder if having a commitment like this, at this particular time caused me stress, but no. Truly - I was really happy to create these! It gave me a needed break from all this tedious packing. And when I was finished, I really started packing up my studio with a vengeance, just to get it done! These ATCs are for my dear friend Frieda's swap: Vintage Travel ATCs hosted on the ATCs for ALL site. I have partaken in quite a few of Frieda's swaps there and they are always fabulous. Frieda's Swap call:

Here we are in August and it's time to go on holiday. Travelling has been a firm favourite for centuries now and what could be better than to celebrate vintage travel in our ATCs. All techniques are welcome and mixed techniques are a special favourite of mine, so painting, collaging, fabric, stamping, stitching or whatever else you can think of, or in fact a combination of them. Keep in mind though that the cards have to look VINTAGE!

I made 5 ATCs: one for Frieda, one for Steven, and 3 for the swap! They are all based on photographs from Steven's family because I wanted them to have more meaning for me while making them. I used an old map as a background for the photos and blended 2 colors of paint together per Mary Green's instructions in Lesson 6 of Collage Coterie Online Workshop.
What do you think? Click for super-size ATCs!

The Wolfe Island Ferry, Ontario, Canada -Steven's family still owns property there.
Steven's grandmother and mom
Friends of the Deming family flew in to visit!
Steven's Father seated next to his mother on the right.
They were traveling in MAINE, and those are all names
of towns there. Steven chose this one to keep. ; ^ )
 He says he will use it as a bookmark! 
Steven has labelled this photo "Three days to Canada".
Pictured is his grandmother and one of his Aunts travelling from
Hartford CT, to Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada where is grandmother was born.
I had fun making these ATCs and I am so happy to say my studio is really shaping up - or I should say, getting boxed up! I will be mailing them off to you tomorrow, Frieda!!!


  1. Wonderful ATC's, Lenna. And, since they are so personal to you and Steven, I am sure you loved making them. Knowing you, you will have your new studio space ready to go in no time. I truly don't know how you get so much done!

  2. These are absolutely fantastic, Lenna. My favorites of all I have seen you do - so far. Really wonderful!
    Wishing you a happy move!

  3. Wow, these are really beautiful ATC's! I love that you used personal images. The recipients are going to love them.

  4. Lea I love these they are SO atmospheric.
    Good luck with the move
    Claire x

  5. Saw these on Flickr this morning and they've been on my mind all day! You know how much I love them, fantastic ATC's. Still don't know how you made the edges look 'crusty'! xx

  6. I'm just so happy you made these ATCs despite everything else you've got going on at the moment, although how you will manage to part with these gorgeous pieces of art that are also so personal to you and Steven. Thanks so much for making one for me, the choice will be almost impossible, though!

  7. Jo, I commented on flickr but don't know if u saw it? It looks 'crusty' because i sprinkled a Pigment Powder on top of the wet paint. The paint grabs the powder. I used a sunflower gold color of Ranger's Powdered pearls, but any gold-ish pigment powder would do. To think of it, i also zapped it with my heat gun to dry the paint and that probably contributed to the look. Do you have any pigment powders?? If not, I could send you a small one after i move (they are boxed up now!)
    xo lenna

  8. Frieda!
    Thanks so much! I will not have trouble parting with them, but thank you so much for your compliment. It is in the MAKING of them that I get my joy, and Steven has his favorite. They are in an envelope to you, with a return envelope written to my new address!!!

  9. The ATC's are wonderful, and even better because of memories and personal family photos. Great job!
    Good luck on your move to the new house.

  10. These ATCs are beautiful. I'm in the swap also. If I get one of your cards, I sure hope it's the one of the 2 people sitting by the car. You see, I'm in Texas, feeling a little homesick for Tennessee. There is a small piece of TN in the map background on that one. Truthfully, I'd be pleased to receive any of your cards. Scrapstampcreate on ATCs for All.


  11. Hi Lenna! I received the ferry card in the swap and I'm so happy that I did. I love the gold sprinkling around the edges and the fact that you used family photos. :)



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