Sunday, August 1, 2010

strip ease in sketchbook

close up of one of my sketchbook pages
For the third spread of pages in my 5"x 8" moleskin for the sketchbook 2011 project, I took up Michelle Ward's Street Team Challenge #42 ~Strip Ease: let go and rip! This is the first time ever I have played in Michelle's creative challenges, although I have been wanting to for a while. The challenge says it is due August 1st, so I think I might have just made the deadline. I only learned about it yesterday from Mary Green! It was in Mary's online class, Your Vintage GlueBook where I ran into this idea of ripping paper for a lovely background. Great class, check it out! Here is what I did . . .

I covered my spread of pages with brown water color crayon
and ripped some leftover strips of paper, found some fabric strips.

I stamped over the crayon with VersaCraft ink (heat set for permanence).

getting started with placement of the strips -I play with  them
until they look right.

more added, almost done. I have spritzed the crayon with water
and sponged it to blend in with  the paper.

photo on vellum of me in CT 1984 on left and discarded photo -FL 2010 printed
on watercolor paper on right. It was for the 4x4 swap I hosted this spring
and I could not throw it away. Now I see why -it is perfect for this!

close up water manipulated photo on water color paper

Thank you Mary and Michelle! I so enjoyed this creative exercise!!


  1. Hey girl! It's been years since I've connected with you. I see you have left my neck of the woods for sunny Florida! How fun to have you come play on our street! What a cool idea to cover your page with watercolor crayon so after you lay your strips you can wet and blend. LOVE seeing the process here - thanks for taking photos along the way, and for coming to share your work with the team!

  2. you are most welcome, michelle. It is my pleasure!

  3. Looking great, Lenna. I really thought it was fabric when I first glanced at the picture and I love the texture all that ripping paper produces!

  4. There are a couple of fabric strips Frieda, but mostly paper here. it does look very fabric like!

  5. I am playing too!
    Working on my asian book!
    Your pages are lovely!!!

  6. Fantastic! It is beautiful. I really like the colors and texture, unified. Great job.

  7. beautiful colors in these and also in your new background - looks like it was fun to splash the watercolors around wet on wet!



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