Friday, August 6, 2010

starfish comes home

Today was the first time the boat Steven has been working on comes home -finished!

we named the boat STARFISH - here it is with a Tyvek boat cover
It looks so good! My dad and Steven worked hard on this! (and had fun)

This cracked me up! (we are NOT getting royalties!)

I shared my new sketchbook spreads with Steven after he set Starfish up

some of the feathers he gathered & gave to me

Our art

secret storage under the seats!

a drink holder! He thought of everything!!

very cool . . . 

The first launching will be on sunday - Sea Trials, Steven says! 

Remember, this is what the boat looked like BEFORE -click for detail (there are holes!)

All the photos and information about the project are here and 
a beautiful slideshow of the boats progression is here, if you prefer. 
lenna & steven 
August 6th, 2010


  1. Starfish is looking very good! Love your sketchbook spreads - have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a beautiful Starfish! John just said how impressed he is by all that attention to detail and great workmanship. When he was young they used to have an old sailing boat (with limber boards for stability), near Poole Harbour, Dorset, where they spend the holidays. They used to sleep in it and sail it too. Starfish brought all those memories back to him!!

  3. And good luck for the sea trails. Are you going to bless it with champagne? What is that wish for ships? May all who sail in Starfish be safe and secure! Including your sketchbook.

  4. Loving the Starfish-I hope you two enjoy it!!

  5. Lenna...glad that the Starfish is finally finished, and ready to go. You will all have so much fun sailing in those gorgeous Florida waters.
    Enjoyed your sketchbook pages too.:-)



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