Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Sunday Postcard Art: House Theme
Sunday Postcard Art throws out a challenge every week for anyone who is interested in responding. You can use any medium(s) and the format for the challenge is a 4" x 6" postcard. This week the theme was HOUSES and I just could not resist since they have been on my mind so much. My first thought was that I wanted to use a photo of the house we are purchasing; our new home. I did not want to use just a straight photo though, so I started exploring my IrfanView program. I mostly use this free program for resizing or bulk resizing of photos but I knew you could also do some photo manipulation with it. Here is the photo with some different effects.

explosion effect

negative effect

sepia effect

sepia with edge detection -  what I settled on
Once I settled on a version of the photo I wanted to work with (the one above) I printed it out onto 32 lb matte brochure paper, my favorite paper for printing images onto. Yes, I could have made an entirely digital piece but I don't usually work that way and really wanted to take the image and put some of my collage and vintage gluebook skills to use. I added part of a page from an old family ledger (not a copy) and a bit of flowered background paper I made in Mary Green's Vintage GlueBook class. I love using my watercolor crayons on the edge of ripped paper, so I did. A definition stamp from CatsLife Press was added right on top of the image with white verscraft ink, and I also added a few flourishes and stitches with a white pen. This was my creative break from working on 'weeding out' to make our upcoming move easier -ugh!


  1. Wow!! This is outstanding Lenna!

  2. Love the different versions you explored before settling on the one you used! Great postcard, Lenna!

  3. Very cool piece Lenna! Love what you did with the photo!

  4. Fun postcard! Your photo manipulation is very cool.

  5. I kove the edited photo. I am sure this card will get a special place in your new home!

  6. Great postcard - love how you've combined old and new images.

  7. how cool is that photo manipulation? Great card Lenna!

  8. Here you are, exploding your new house already, Lenna!! Love what you've done with it!

  9. Lenna, this is wonderful! I love the postcard & big congrats on finding a house! I guess I haven't been to your blog for a week or two and look what I miss!

    Cindy :)



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