Friday, August 13, 2010

First Launching (at Parrot Cove Marina)

STARfish was successfully launched yesterday! Click on the photo to see the rest of the launching, beach landing, rigging & the first sea trials. Steven is out doing further testing - a "shakedown" solo cruise today!
i AM sO VERY PROUD of my husband and my father. As Tina, my son Decklin's girlfriend said to us, "What a piece of art. Seaworthiness is just icing on the cake ;) "
Thanks to all for allowing/ encouraging me (!) and for putting up with me sharing all of the aspects of my artistic life I love and see as creative and important to me.


  1. Congratulations to all, first for finishing and now for the successful sea trials. And I agree, it's a work of art indeed!

  2. Congrats on Starfish going to sea!

  3. That is one fine-looking craft, kudos to the ship-restorers!!! Break out the champagne & toast the StarFish!!!



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