Saturday, August 14, 2010

dallas is here!

dallas, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
No sooner did we get home after visiting my parents, when steve & dallas hopped into the car, trailering 2 single man wee lassie canoes my father made! They went down to the teeny beach at the end of our street and launched them while I took a few photos and then walked back home. Click on the photo of dallas above to see a few more. : ^ ) Steven wanted to go paddling and dallas decided to go with him - they'll explore the mangroves and favorite swimming spots. (it is HOT here!) We'll go to my parents later, as they wanted to take dallas out to a vegetarian restaurant (his favorite) to celebrate his 26th birthday and we are invited too!! It is wonderful to see Dallas again.


  1. Have a great time with your son and family, Lenna!

  2. Lovely photos Lenna, and how clever that they just go over to flicker when clicked on!

    I've learnt something new today!

    Enjoy your summer while you still have it - we're still wading through our cold, wet winter here in the southern hemisphere!
    Give me spring, summer and autumn any day!

    take care

  3. Happy Birthday to Dallas!!! Thanks for sharing the pix, he is just the cutest!!! How fun that he's spending this time with you & your family!!!



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