Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sketchbook project 2011

I am so happy to have had some time to get started on this project! I signed up and received my moleskin sketchbook a while ago but had not been able to really dive in until now.... there was my usual procrastination, and then a new technique swap needed my attention, all the while Steven and I were spending time looking at houses! But it felt very good to start my Sketchbook project 2011 and here is what happened . . .
I used the fonts on my printer to make an interesting document
 printed on card stock to go over the cover - it's 5.5" x 8.5"
Have you guessed the theme of my sketchbook yet?

we are required to leave the bar code visible so that it
can be used to "check out" the sketchbooks on tour.

my first page - the pages are very thin so I glued 2 together.
There is handmade paper and rubber stamping here and a favorite
photo from 2005 - wolfe island, Asia & my father's handmade boat.

my favorite part besides the bright watercolor crayons is on the back
above the bar code, "well, maybe a sketch or two" : ^ )
perhaps I can get steven to draw something!!

It feels good to start this and figure out that this project will be an extension of what I already do; share my art and life, just this time in a journal to share. When I'm done it will be sent off to go on tour with 8,963 other sketchbooks (more or less!) and end up as part of the permanent collection of The Brooklyn, NY Art Library. I cannot quite put into words how cool I think that is! And I have friends doing this with me - look on my project page to find out more. If you are doing the sketchbook project and you are not listed on that page, please request friendship. I would be glad to reciprocate. I've been totally loving watching my friend Frieda move so easily into her sketchbook for this project; it is such a joy to see! She has been continually inspiring me and making me want to get started with mine. I'm so glad to join her and really look forward to this project.


  1. Oh, how courageous to start with your outside covers, Lenna. I'm keeping them for last! And of course I love what you have done with them. What a great idea and so colourful! Marvelous. So happy you've started in what is not your sketchbook and can't wait to see what comes next!

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  3. Ooh I have the same theme, but I haven't even thought about the cover yet!!



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