Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ringling Museum of Art

It's easy to stay occupied with our usual activities, so Steven and I are trying to get out and do different things every week, or at least every other week! It means time together, fun, learning, enjoying . . .  For quite a while we had been talking about going to the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota. I knew it was mostly older pieces (1300's-1600's) but I had also heard it had beautiful grounds to walk on, a contemporary exhibit and admission is FREE on Mondays. Since admission is usually $25 - we thought Monday would be a good day to go - and so we did! I put the photos I took together with some music and sent it to animoto . . .

In the contemporary exhibit there were some hands-on activities which I think were really designed for children, but of course Steven and I had to try them out!! Steven experimented with the sculpture one and I did the activity where you used rectangle shaped blocks to create a polyptych; (from the Greek polu- "many" + ptychÄ“ "fold") generally refers to a painting (usually panel painting) which is divided into multiple sections, or panels. ...  You arranged the blocks the way you liked, laid paper on top, did a rubbing with a black crayon . . . and voila'! I really had fun doing this . . .

There was also a special exhibit of  "a glimpse into the most dynamic period of the American circus through rarely seen photographs of Frederick W. Glasier (1866-1950)." That exhibit was really something -better than I expected- as his photographs were so personal and the performers he was photographing so interesting. No photo taking was allowed in that exhibit but you can get a good idea from this special page of the Ringling Museum of Art website: The Glasier Collection.

One lovely surprise near the end of our visit, was to see a painting done by my great uncle William Glackens, hanging on the wall of the museum! I did not know there was a piece of his in the Ringling Museum, wow! 
I included in the video, but here it is:

William Glackens, 1910
Pretty cool, eh? I am named after his daughter Lenna.

I will have more art to share soon and some things Steven has made too! We have been busy looking for home to buy and even writing contracts, which takes a lot of time. Since we have been in Florida we have been renting - first a cottage and now a house. We are looking to purchase a home nearer my parents. We had an accepted offer that fell though because of the seller . . . which was really too bad. We liked the house very much! The problem could not be fixed and we were advised against going forward. But I kept looking and something new came up. Yesterday we put in an offer on a different property. We won't find out if it will be a sure thing for a while as the bank is involved, but our fingers are crossed! 

We hope those of you celebrating July 4th are having a wonderful day; Steven & I will soon be going over to my parents to have a cook out with their British friends! Happy day, lenna young


  1. Hi Lenna

    Such an interesting museum you have there.
    They're interesting places to visit now with their interactive exhibits.

    Now we know where YOUR creativity comes from!!!

  2. Lenna, sounds like you enjoyed this "free" outing with Steve. The museum sounds very interesting and it is exciting that you found a familiar piece of artwork there. You were named appropriately, because you are quite the artist in your own right!

    Happy 4th to you! Good luck with the house hunting. You will come across the perfect one and be glad that the other deal fell through!!

  3. It looks very much like you were making a quilt in the museum, Lenna. I'll have to go to the library to see the video and I'll make a point of doing so before too long. Great idea to have away days together and I do so hope this house will be The One!

  4. Your video was a feast for the eyes and the ears! The museum certainly looks like a great way to spend a day. I'll have to remember it if we ever get down that way.

  5. Fabulous Lenna! I'm so glad I finally got to view this video! Thanks so much for sharing!



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