Friday, July 9, 2010

Letters to Mary

Mary Green, my fabulous Your Vintage GlueBook instructor gave us a challenge the other day . . . read all about it on her blog: Green Paper. What is really great about this challenge is that Mary is giving us a free collage sheet on her blog to do the challenge! Post your artwork with the challenge images on your own blog, and then use a linky tool to create a small thumbnail on Mary's Green Paper Blog that will take visitors to your art. Mary is always coming up with great stuff and I so admire her. For her challenge I did a gluebook page, continuing in my 5" x 8" notebook that I started in class.

Click on the book for more detail!
The images I needed to use were the large envelope addressed to Miss Mary Hayes, the small blue-flowered cigarette card in the envelope and the image of the actress Mabel Amber that is sticking out of the envelope on the right side. I took the envelope image and attached it to the front of a glassine envelope the same size, folding the envelope back to the front and using it like a pocket. Besides the challenge items, I added 2 postage stamps to the envelope, (thank you sharon walworth!) part of Mary Green's business card and a bit of crumpled tissue paper; the same tissue paper that I used as a background for the right side of the spread and as a top trimming for both pages.

On the right there is an old photograph that I liked because it looked as if the children were looking at the actress. I painted her dress with a bit of blue pigment powder, still out in the table from my last project. I added one of the calendars from Mary Green's e-shop and some border scraps from a sheet of scrapbook paper. On the left side I used a illustrated dictionary page sent to me from Mary with the returns of our Vintage Gluebook ATC swap - I love it! The colorful flowers at the bottom I purchased from mary's e-shop and the birds were another swap gift from Mary. Did she know she was sending me "Florida Grasshopper Sparrows"? wow!!  I made the tiny envelopes by hand, and added a small photo of me in California from 1979 at the top of the left hand page. I am into almost Vintage Gluebook pages now that I have graduated from Mary's class! This class is available online, still active and self-paced. Find out more about it by going here: Your Vintage GlueBook class. Thanks for the challenge, Mary!!


  1. Hi Lenna

    I love what you have done for Mary's challenge...

    and I was so happy to receive your pretty bird atc in Mary's swap. It really is gorgeous. I adore the colours.


  2. Ooh I love this! Very beautiful!

  3. Lenna, This is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen.....again!!

  4. Lenna, this is simply gorgeous. I love what you have done with all of the pieces you've collected!

  5. Hi, Lenna! Your gluebook is coming along so beautifully! I love this page you have created for Mary's challenge.

  6. Lenna,
    How clever is your art for the challenge! I'm no expert but I would say it's a very pretty piece!


  7. Wow! Your glue book is gorgeous and the page you made for the challenge is absolutely Lovely! I love of the photo of the children on the back! So creative! Great Work! *Ü*

  8. Well Lenna; speaking of inspiraton! WOW! This is amazing! Thank you for your lovely comment you left on my Blog. I so appreciated you taking the time to do so.

    This glue book, of yours, is fantastic! You've met the challenge spot on and more! Beauteous as usual. Have a wonderful and joyous summer! xxoo

  9. What a wonderful spread, Lenna and so full of very thoughtful touches. And beautiful use of Mary's images!

  10. You really pulled everything together beautifully. I love hoe the images are "exploding" out of the envelop pocket!

  11. Hi Lenna! I lOVE what you did with Mary's Challenge! It was quite clever of you to incorporate the envelope in your gluebook..fabulous job! How funny that we were on the same 'wave-length' when thinking of the envelope..the saying must be true~"Great minds think alike"!
    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Lenna....So beautiful. I love how Mary glances lovingly toward the children with her pocket full of treasure below. Lovely... (Love the chickens on the flanking page also!!!)

    Smiles, Carol

  13. What a wonderful addition to your glue book. I love the layout, it looks as if Miss Mary is looking over her cute charges. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  14. Hi Lenna,
    What a beautiful Miss Mary Hayes page, and so happy to have found your blog through this challenge!

  15. This is awesome...I really love what you did with the three pieces...very creative.



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