Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my moleskin journal (2)

I find I am getting into this small moleskin journal (3.5 x 5.5”) for my almost vintage gluebook work. This book seems to call to me to work in it, and you know, because it is so small I find it pretty easy to complete a spread or  two! Here’s the latest two:
04.moleskinSMAbove, a copy of a favorite Waterhouse painting of mine combined with handmade paper, some words and a math text book . . .
05.moleskinSMAnd here,  a copy of a vintage postcard, a journal card downloaded from Green Paper Packages, some text, a heart my husband made to stencil wrapping paper for me (you saved that, for a few years?? -yes!) and some scraps of painted paper I made. Yes, my almost vintage gluebook!!  ; ^ ) lenna


  1. I've really grown to love this journal size too; I think it's less intimidating;) Your pages here are so pretty--I love your addition of handmade paper!

  2. More gorgeous pages!! And of course you saved the heart!!!!

  3. Lenna, your pages are so nice - love all of your personal touches, especially that heart and the handmade paper!

    I have one of these moleskin journals somewhere and you have inspired me to dig it out and start my own. Now, where or where can it be???? LOL

  4. This is so pretty - I have never worked in a small journal - maybe now is the time to start.
    I so admire your work and this is beautiful.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous pages, Lenna, and so very, very you!! I too love that Waterhouse, you won't be surprised to hear!

  6. Lenna...I have enjoyed viewing all your glue book pages. What fun stuff. I may have to try this.
    Thanks for sharing. Your work always inspires me.



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