Sunday, June 6, 2010

follow-up: 500 posts!

Just the other day, I finished making something for my friend, Tristan Robin Blakeman. When I reached 500 posts, he entered the drawing and won the prize of: “Art by me, made for YOU!” I won’t share exactly what I created for him until he receives it, but here’s a peek of what is on its way to Connecticut!

Tristan and I shared art monthly, for 2 years through the Colour Groupies – a small closed group of friends that creates and trades ATCs on a color-combo theme. Tristan and I also used to live in the same state! Last year before moving to Florida, I met Tristan in person at a play he had a part in. He had let the group know that he was going to be performing in New Haven, and I drove down to see him and meet him in person!! So! When Tristan won this prize, I’d say I was a little intimidated?? Wanted to create something he would like . . . and thought about it for a while.  Tristan told me,
“I have no ideas or instructions LOL. I really admire all your work, and anything you make just for me will be a treasure to me!”
I promise to share it here after he receives it –be on the lookout, Tristan!

As far as the other prizes, Elaine has received her pile of fabric : )  “ prize package filled with fabric arrived. I love it all. Thanks so much for your generosity. ”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Judi has been busy with quilt shows but happily let me know that received the collage goodies (something like this!):
Diane  is looking forward to free registration in my next creative swap, when she returns from vacation. I will be announcing a Garden Variety Postcard swap sponsored by Alpha Stamps - next weekend!    

Maggie has received the supply list for my Mini Art Quilt Book class and when she is ready I will start sending her the lessons and answering any questions!

That was fun  :^ ) maybe I should do a give-away more often!


  1. I'm sure whatever you made for Tristan will be gorgeous! Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

  2. I know Tristn will be over the moon to get your piece.

  3. How fun, I can't wait to see what you made for Tristan, I'm sure he'll love it! How cool that you got to meet him in person, meeting blogging/swapping friends is so fun!

    I'm slowly working on my supply list, so excited to be able to get started!!! :D

  4. You can (and should!) share my treasures with others!!!

    Lenna, they're absolutely FABULOUS! I love them!

    The slogan and the photos are hysterical - you're too clever by half!

    I'm going to hang on to these for a long, long time ... and then send them to special friends for special occasions ... and I know they're going to be as enchanted by them as I am!

    Thank you so much - I'm sure all the prizes are marvelous - but I bet mine is the bestest of all!!!

    (They actually arrived a few days ago ... but I just couldn't type. But I'm on the mend sorta!)

    Thanks again - you're a doll!



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