Wednesday, June 16, 2010

family visiting

Soon we will leave for the airport to pick up my oldest son Decklin, his partner Tina, my sister Kathy and my nephew Dale, who is named after my dad (well, so is decklin, but it is his middle name!). I can't wait to see them all!
We are going to squish everybody into my dad's 7-seat Mazda van and make the hour drive from Tampa fun : ) Here's my sister with my mom & dad, taken this past December . . .
Dale, Kathy & Priscilla

 And here is Tina and Decklin Tisdale waving to us from London, 
when they were vacationing this spring!

I will have to get an updated photo of young Dale while he is here. I don't want to embarrass him with a photo from our wedding 5 years ago when he looked so young -he is now attending college! : ^ ) I still have more to share with you art-wise and will get back to that as I can. I also hope to have good news about an offer Steven and I put in on a house that is located very near my parents. Think good thoughts for us if you can!

On Siesta Key, FL - for our 5th wedding anniversary!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful anniversary! Hope you will have a great get together too! Thanks for your sweet comments on the AB!

    Just ordered all my stuff from alphastamps, can't wait!

  2. Have fun with the family, Lenna!
    Have to tell you the artwork you created for Alpha Stamps is awesome!!!

  3. Hello Lenna

    WOW! Your blog is wonderful and especially for a first time visitor from New Zealand, where we are now experiencing our COLD winter - the shortest day for us is 21st June after that things get better - hopefully!!

    I feel warm and nourished as this blog is like walking thru a field of sunflowers and I feel happy!

    The Royal Poinsiana tree is amazing, you must want to paint it?
    Enjoy your family and please pop over and see me one day and I'll make YOU very welcome!

    Hugs from a Kiwi (that's a nickname for New Zealanders)!

  4. Have fun with your family, Lenna! And, will be praying that you get that house. Hugs, Joy : )

  5. hope you have a wonderful visit Lenna!



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