Friday, June 25, 2010

4x6 quote swap

I created these 4x6 cards for a swap through  the Circle of Friends yahoo group.We needed to make 7 for the swap and then I made an extra one for a friend. They are all similar, but different!

I used water color paper . . .

images from Vintage Image madness . . . 

rubber stamps from swirly girl and lennalines (yes!) . . . 

my trusty watercolor crayons .  . . a transparency of a photo I took . . .

gold metallic splatters, my fave embellishment . . . 

a white opaque marker . . . 

leaf patterned vellum paper . . . 

and generally had fun! Off they go to Sandi, tomorrow! : ) lenna


  1. These are like a rainbow!
    Lennalines??? please elaborate!

  2. Oooh Lenna

    These are just gorgeous. Such beautiful colours and lovely images too.

  3. Renate, I used to have a small business selling a line of unmounted rubber stamps. They were all quotes! I called them
    LennaLines . . . click here for more
    I still have and use these stamps! The Baltasar Gracian stamp on those swap pieces is one of them : )

  4. the link did not work for some reason . . . try this:

    : ) thank you to Shane for your lovely comment as well!

  5. Nice! Love them!

  6. Lenna, these are very beautiful. I love the playful modern colors mixed with the vintage images! Marnie

  7. Oh Lenna, these are delightful! I just love your colours.

    Cindy :)



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