Thursday, May 27, 2010

your vintage gluebook

lennaVGB-Lesson 5, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
For Lesson 5 of the Your Vintage GlueBook class I am taking online, Mary Green instructed us about using "pieces" in our composition. She really has me thinking about things more while I am creating . . . and it is so very good for me! I used pieces of 3 different papers from Mary: the birds on a branch, part of the Lillian calendar (the woman/man) and the astronomical strip. I also used part of a hand written letter from my own collection and strips of a flowered scrapbook paper I had. The background is a photo copy of an old seed catalogue; I like that as a background. This time I did not use any ink (we are not supposed to use it at all -just paper & glue!) but must admit I sponged coffee around freely!!!!! I was finishing up a cup and thought it might just be the look I wanted. i am pleased with this spread, and the whole little book I am creating. For lesson 4 I did the spread below.

 This lesson was on composition and the Golden Mean. WOW! I had never received instruction about this before; it is about proportion, ratio and balance. I am so impressed with Mary's class! I broke the rules a bit by edging the pages with ink, and using a transparency . . . but that is me! I love mary's ideas. I had never ripped paper and placed it vertically as a background. The right side is overprinting: copying an old advertisement onto one of Mary's background papers, which was in this lesson too, so COOL! I am having fun and hope you enjoy seeing my lesson responses. To see what the entire class is producing, go to the Vintage GlueBook online class Pool on flickr. You can join us if you like -registration is still running! 


  1. beautiful!

    is this the same class that Frieda is taking?

  2. Wow, those pages are so pretty and the layering is perfect! Ripping paper is so fun!

  3. Gorgeous, just gorgeous, Lenna!!
    Love the flowered paper and the seed catalogue, oh and everything!

  4. Oh, Lenna, we are so alike!! We've even bought the same calendar from Mary! And you've used it beautifully on that top spread. The whole piece makes my heart sing with pleasure!



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