Monday, May 24, 2010

Winners! 500 post celebration : ^ )

 Very scientifically, I cut my paper list apart . . . there were 35 names!

I enlisted the help of my husband Steven to pick 5 names  . . . 
He is demonstrating that he did not look at the names!

He chose 5 strips of paper with these names on them . . . .  

#1. Free online workshop of your choice = was won by Maggie from: Just add Glitter and Stir :  ^ ) 

#2. Collage Pack from my stash = was won by Judi from: Judi's Crazy World

#3. A Pile of beautiful fabric = was won by Elaine Akers from: Elaine's Creative Works

#4. Free Creative Swaps Registration = was won by Diane D.

#5. Art by me, made for YOU = was won by Tristan Robin Blakeman of: Enchanted Revelries

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ! ! !

I wanted to celebrate this milestone of 500 posts in a little over 3 years and this give-away was certainly a fun way to do it. Truthfully, the best part for me was receiving your comments. Here is a selection:

"I have been enjoying your posts for awhile now . . .  Your work is always something to look forward to . . . I have always enjoyed your friendship and art. . . . You are to be commended on keeping all of us artfully connected . . . Your blog is always full of wonderful things to behold. Maybe one day we'll meet in person! . . . What a milestone this is and I am so glad that I have had a seat on the journey . . . 500 posts!! Doesn't time fly when you're having fun, getting married, moving house (several times) and making art! . . . Thanks for the opportunity - and for 500 posts worth of inspiration and friendship!" 

A lot of you commented who do not usually, and that in  itself was the biggest gift of all for me - thank you!!! Those of you who won, I will be emailing you and just let me know your mailing address or whenever you are ready to start one of my online workshops or join in the current creative swap or the next! 



    Excuse the screaming please. :D Well I'll be...I am doing the biggest, longest, most joyful happy dance in the world right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I get to take one of your fabulous classes, I've been wanting to for a while now, huzzah! :D

    Thank you thank you thank you! (And thank you to the hubby for pulling my name! LOL)

    And congrats again on 550 posts!


  2. Thank you for pulling my name, I am looking forward to receiving the collage pack, you are so generous. I have enjoyed reading your blog for a long time and will continue to see/read what you are up to.

  3. Oh, Lenna!! This has just been the most awesome day. A new granddaughter was born, and then finding out I won the fabric prize.
    I am thrilled. Thanks so very much, Steven for drawing my name. :-)

  4. LOL now that's a jump for joy if I ever saw one. I bet those would be awesome classes. I think I might need some classes myself to hone up my skills. Congratulations to the winners.

  5. You and Steven ROCK!

    I'm so excited!

    Thank you, again!

    (and congrats to the other four lucky winners!)

  6. Lenna,

    Even though I didn't win, I come to see what you are doing on a daily basis. Your work is absolutely awesome. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Mary Wilkins

  7. Congratulations to all the winners! And, thank you again, Lenna, for your beautiful and inspirational blog. You always have something beautiful to show us!

  8. Well done to the winners! Glad I found your blog - by the way brief posting going up today on the Origami (duly mentioning sources)book.
    Stay happy!

  9. prize package filled with fabric arrived. I love it all. Thanks so much for your generosity.
    I am enjoying your glue book pages. How fun!
    Elaine Akers



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