Saturday, May 15, 2010

windmill sailboat re-build

06-04.21.201011, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
My husband Steven, and my dad are rebuilding a Windmill sailboat that Steven picked up for free . . . Well, the bottom of this boat was so rotted they had to remove it! Here is my dad sanding away planing away (oops!) after they got rid of the rot. This was in my dad's garage, but they now have a dedicated workshop -my mom is happy!! No more sawdust on her car! They are rebuilding the sailboat and changing the design a bit. It will have an epoxy/glass -as in fiberglass- finish, like my dad's boats. This is for strength and water resistance. Steven is also changing the rigging and a few other parts of this boat. It will be a 'modified windmill' when finished - wow! what a project. It keeps them both busy and off of the street! To see the project develop, visit the slideshow here.


  1. Oh, this is a wonderful project for them!!! I have been negligent reading blogs, etc, for a long time-lots of work issues here. Alex went back to Italy this week for the second semester-she will be gone four more weeks. She was home short of one month-never enough time to do everything that needs to be done. I will go back and check up on your blog!! Love to you and Steve-and to your mom and dad, too. Hope the birds are still constant visitors!
    hugs and love-chris

  2. Sounds like an awesome project. I am sure it will be beautiful when it is finished. Wonderful that your dad can share his special knowledge with your husband!

  3. It looks like this will keep them busy for quite some time to come and doesn't that garage background look amazingly like ours! Full of bits and pieces and very essential products (or so I'm told, all the time!!)

  4. Hi good luck with the boat.
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