Friday, May 14, 2010

pomegranate and plum

For Caryl . . . 
These are probably the most quirky ATCs I have ever made! I was thinking about pomegranate and plum for a while before I got started making these and so, I collected things . . . you could say that these ATCs for the Colour Groupies are very recycled! I used paint chip samples from the Hardware store as a base, along with color copies of a label from my new favorite pomegranate yogurt, photos of my toenails painted a pom shade, a photo of a plum I was eating and a transparency print of something I found on the beach: a Sea Plume, wow. These ATCs are weird!

labels I saved and used

For debby . . . 

Sea Plume

the backs looked like this . . . 

For Frieda . . . I added a bit of embossing powder too that is very old, I guess I am recycling  that too!!

My swap-mates were very gracious receiving these strange ATCs - I told them, "I had some ideas and played them out, but they are just not pretty per say, I'm warning you! Just me working on that color combo and some things I wanted to try. I hope you look at them for a minute and then I don't even care if you toss them!! I thought about doing them over, but then said to myself; I cannot like everything I make!"

-So there you have the saga of  my April color combo for colour groupies!


  1. How could you say they are not pretty. I like the quirkiness of them.

  2. Lenna, you are a hoot! Yes, these ATC's are a bit funky by they are hilarious too! I'm sure the other gals loved them.

    Love the new header for your blog. Wish I knew how to make my own header; but I am lucky to have just figured out how to construct a basic blog :))

    Have a great weekend1

  3. Thank you Kella & Joy for your comments... those ATCs are what they are!! ; 6 )

    Joy, I would probably do well to learn photo shop elements, as I imagine it would make my banner making easier once i learned it! The only way I know how to do this is very rudimentary: inserting photos into a document and then copying and pasting that into MS Paint to add a border and turn it into a jpg! It is crazy but i know how to do it and it works!!

  4. These are really funky ATCs! Doesn't always have to be "pretty" to be good!

  5. Oh, you might think they are weird, Lenna, but we know they are wonderful and I hugely enjoyed looking at mine when it arrived and discovering all the different elements!



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