Monday, May 31, 2010

lessons 6 + 7: vintage gluebook

Lesson 6 in the 'your vintage gluebook' class I am taking, was about visual weight in composition. I had never really thought about this before. I usually just make decisions in my art based on what looks good to me. I like how my instructor Mary Green is making me think!
Above, I chose the same purple flowered background as my last spread for this page spread: I wanted to continue with it because I liked how it looked. I had a color copy of a book cover which I thought looked heavy, and I crumpled it up to add more weight & texture.

I added another Lucille calendar page image on the left and 3 cards from Mary's Etsy shop – 2 of them are tucked under the book cover. Even though this is a paper + glue project, I must confess I added 2 strips of fabric on top of the book cover! And yes, I did dab a little leftover coffee on the edges again . . . it smells delicious!!!!

Lesson 7 lennaVGB-1000 Lesson 7 was all about the different kinds of paper you can use when creating  vintage gluebooks. Our exercise was to use ALL real pieces of paper, NOT copies. I knew this would be fun, and it was!! I really collaged the heck out of this with various real letters, envelopes, stamps, text, dictionary pages, magazine articles, maps . . . I used parts of old envelopes, a very old letter, and some fun snippets of text when layering this page.

Thanks again, Mary. I’m sad there are only 2 more lessons left!
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  1. These pages look so yummy, Lenna. Love all the vintage paper pieces!

  2. Wow, another beautiful spread! I love the coffee trick!

  3. gorgeous pages Lenna! your sunset photo is starring me right in the face, I love it.

  4. Lenna,

    I am one of the bery lucky people to get one of your ATC's from Marion Bockelmann's Beetles Swap. Thank you so much it now has a lovley place in my collection.

    Hugs Elizabeth



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