Saturday, May 22, 2010

lesson 3: your vintage gluebook

lesson 3 vintage gluebook, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I am taking an online class called "Your Vintage GlueBook". In fact, you can still join the class -just click on the link to find out more. For the third lesson's exercise of composition with a 2-page spread, I used a map for the page background. In all of my altering of books etc, I don't know if I have ever done this before . . . and I love the look! I took the two women from an image sheet that Mary provided, cut them apart and placed them way apart on the spread. I added textured wallpaper, a bit of sewing pattern paper and an image of a ship from an old book. Oh yes, I could not resist edging the pages with some caramel ink, so I did. (Gluebooks are typically just paper & glue). I think I will try another spread with a photo in the middle (cut apart) like Mary's sample, but must say I enjoyed doing this exercise very much.
Thank you again, Mary Green!


  1. The tissue paper and the small picture of the ship are great elements of this spread, Lenna! I like the way you used the images of the two young ladies here, too!

  2. Lenna, I am loving these books, so beautiful. I wanted to take this class so bad, but silly work gets in the way o my art plans..

  3. The spread is spot on! I love the women, like two sisters separated by some sad event. You are rocking this class!



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