Wednesday, May 12, 2010

fabric tag

I've made a fabric tag as part of my set of tags I'll be swapping in my own swap: The Colorful Words Tag Book Swap - which is due in my hands June 12th.

If you head over to my creative swaps blog - you'll find a mini tutorial there on how I created it!

Here it is again below, mixed in with the other tags I have made for this swap, so far. This is an 8 for 8 Tag swap and when the swap is complete, I will be returning to you a completed Tag Book with a front cover hand made by me!

happy artful day to you : ^  )  lenna


  1. Lenna, that is so pretty - I love the way you've superimposed the leaf over the background.

    I go away for a week, and you're coming up with new techniques!

  2. i've never seen this kind of art-y-ness,
    it's really beautiful lenna,
    the whole tag swap idea
    is very cool,
    very ice-y,
    u r a

  3. Tags are not something I make a lot of, you inspire me to try and find the time to fo some.



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