Monday, May 17, 2010

500 miles? No, 500 Posts Give-away for YOU!

The post I added this morning about my altered book coming home was my . . .  500th post! The very first post I wrote here on this blog was dated December 8th, 2006 -wow! It is a little hard to believe I have been blogging all this time. I want to thank you for being here, whether you lurk and read, follow and/or comment, email me, join my art swaps . . . really any combination! I am happy that you visit, share my life and art. 

In celebration of writing 500 posts I am going to giveaway 5 prizes
Yes! 500 posts = 5 prizes!

#1. one Free registration to any one of my online workshops -taken at your convenience. I offer 4 workshops: The Mini art Quilt Book, Collage on Canvas, Fabric Stamping/Painting, plus "Open The Door": A mixed media photo/art journal.

#2. one collage package, hand picked by me from my collage boxes. I will gather items from my stash. Here is one of about 5 of the collage boxes I'll choose items from.

#3. This lovely selection of fabric - the whole pile! The piece top left was hand painted by me!

#4. one creative swaps registration for FREE! The registration could be for the current Tag Book swap or the upcoming Garden variety Postcard swap announced in June. 

#5. One hand made piece of art by me! This will be decided upon after the winner has been randomly chosen, based on the winner's likes/dislikes and desires : )) I will give you a few ideas on what I could create & you can tell me what you might like if you win!

How to win any of these wonderful thank you prizes?? 
Please leave a comment on this post with your email and tell me WHICH prize you would love to win! If you do not want to leave your email publicly, you can email me and let me know you have commented. If you don't give me your email I will have to chose someone else, to be fair. 
FIVE winners will be chosen randomly and announced one week from today on Monday the 24th in the evening. What do you think?? Now just for fun, I thought I should have a theme song for my 500 post accomplishment . . . . 

"But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles
To fall down at your door"
- The Proclaimers


  1. OH Boy!!!
    Congratulations!!!! I remember when I first met you at artchix! You were just about to be married and I was in awe of all the preparations you were doing for your wedding and the wedding pictures! You were always so patient with me in your swaps(this was brand new to me) and walked me thru the upload process and going over specifics. I a;ways remember that about you!

  2. Congratulations on your 500th post! I fall into the lurker category :-) But must tell you that I am so inspired by your work! Congratulations and looking forward to many more posts!


  3. Thank you, Yvette! It is so nice to receive your comment. If you could email me at then I will have your email on hand in case you win! Thank you.

  4. Congrat's my good friend! Where would I be without all of your beautiful, and inspirational posts?! To hard to chose what I would pick right is all so wonderful!

  5. Hi! I'm taking the vintage gluebook online class with you. Thanks for posting your blog address as I enjoy seeing what other people are creating. That box of miscellaneous stuff looks interesting and I would love to win it! Now back to explore your blog some more.

  6. Congratulations, Lenna. 500 posts - and all so full of art and inspiration! WOW. Thank you for your generous giveaway!
    I would love to do an online class.
    strega (at)

  7. Biig congrates on your blogging achievement.

    I am really glad I found you as your work is truely inspirational.

  8. Congratulations, sweet Lenna! You have always been so supportive and helpful and I enjoy your blog so much! My choice of your prizes would be: #1 - something handmade by you; #2 - the ephemera pack, since I always love getting something unusual that I don't have in my stash!!

    Here's to the next 500 posts!!

  9. First of all, congrats on 500 posts, that is a mega milestone!!!

    Second, what amazing and generous prizes! What would I pick, this is so hard!!! lol Well, I would pleased as punch to win any of them really but I would love to take your art quilt book class or receive a piece created by you!!!

  10. Lenna, Congratulations on your 500th post! I adore your work and even have something of yours from a twinchie swap. All of your gifts are fantastic but for some reason I would like another piece of art by you or those yummy fabric pieces.

    Mary Wilkins

  11. congrats on your 500th post! Quite a milestone!

    I would love to have my name thrown into the cyber hat!

    And there is no way to pick a favorite from those.

    Well, yes, there is. A piece of your art would be my absolute number one choice - but all the other prizes are so grand, who could dismiss any one of them?!

    Thanks for the opportunity - and for 500 posts worth of inspiration and friendship!

  12. 500 posts!! Doesn't time fly when you're having fun, getting married, moving house (several times) and making art! I'm so happy to have shared all the posts with you as well as sharing our art. I would love a piece of your art although I feel quite spoiled already in that respect so maybe a collage pack would be a better choice just in case I might be a lucky winner. And looking forward to the next 500 of course, not to mention your next house!! I have the feeling you'll stick with the husband.I would in your case!! LOL and lots of love!

  13. There's no contest - I would love to win a piece of art by you, made for me! One of a kind and irreplaceable, who could beat that?

    Can't wait to see the details of the upcoming postcard swap! I'm all into postcards since the Artchix swap; I may just have to start a collection. :)

    Congrats on 500 posts!

  14. Wow! 500 posts! congratulations! It's inspiring reading your blogs and fun seeing what you and Steve are up to. I think if I won one of your great prizes, I'd pick a free on line class. But that box of goodies looks yummy too! Any of your gifts would be a happy win!

  15. Congratulation! Your blog is really great. I love it!

    And what wonderful prizes. Perhaps I win! I would choose an online class or your next swap! I love your swaps soooooo much! :-))))))


    My e-mail

  16. Congratulations! WHat a milestone this is and I am so glad that I have had a seat on the journey. Reading about your creations and family life are so inspiring!

    Here's to 500 more!

    Oh and I would love any and all ;) of the prizes...

  17. wow Lenna congratulations!!! We go way back don't we? I too am fortunate to have lots of art by you so I'd love to win either the fabric or a free ticket to one of your swaps. W
    way to go!!! :)Linda K

  18. Hooray for you Lenna, what a wonderful milestone....all the years & miles & happy smiles that you've covered, it's certainly an occasion to celebrate!!!!

    How to pick one of those fabulous prizes, you are so generous!!!! Of course, I'd love a piece of your art but it would be swell to take one of your classes & that fabric is to die for, free registration in one of your swaps...that's grand & who wouldn't love that giant pile of collageable goodness!!!

    OH MY!!!!

    Well, all of the happiness in the world to you & I hope I will see you here when you reach 1000!!!

    your friend,

  19. Lenna! Congratulations on this amazing milestone! Your blog is always full of wonderful things to behold.

    I think I have known you online even longer than you've been blogging - and I'm so glad we are still in touch. Maybe one day we'll meet in person!

    Here's my top three choices - the fabric, a piece of your art, and another free swap! Thanks for the opportunity to enter another fun giveaway.

    I am working away on my tags, and am excited to hear about the upcoming postcard swap (I just got a fresh crop of vintage bingo cards so I am ready to make postcards!).

    Cindy :)
    annie1there @

  20. Congratulations! I'm only at my 40th, so I can't imagine what 500 must feel like.....hopefully fill you with pride and satisfaction... and lots of lots of Joy!

    I'd love either the collage box or a piece of your art :)


  21. 500 posts is awesome!!! Congratulations to you. Any of your stash prizes would be wonderful. Keep on posting, I love reading them.

  22. What a wonderful achievement, congratulations. Thank you for your generous giveaway, I would love any of the prizes but particularly registration to one of your on-line classes. That would be wonderful, thanks again

  23. Cheers to you, Lenna, on 500 posts! You are to be commended on keeping all of us artfully connected - you've created a worldwide "village" of artists and for all of your outreach, we are all thankful!

    Again, congratulations and here's to many more years of creative communication! Off I go now, I've got 8 tags to create and mail to FLA!


  24. Lenna...I don't know if this post is too late, as I haven't had a chance to go blog hopping recently.
    I really enjoy your reading your blog, seeing your photos of Florida and of course your art projects.
    I would be happy with any of your prizes. I have always enjoyed your friendship and art.
    Elaine Akers

  25. I would love to win #1 and take an online class. I love all your artwork and enjoy the blog


  26. Big congratulations are due for 500 posts. That is a big milestone for sure. And thanks for the generous giveaway. Nothing beats original art, so that is what I would love to win.

  27. congrats! great give-aways! please add my name to your draw.

  28. I almost missed this(due to things going on in our lives). Think it is Thursday I will be posting the instructions I wrote to you about - hope I have acknowledged ok.
    I love the Collage box (no 2)but then a piece of artwork by you is equally good. Oh heck Lenna!

  29. Congratulations!!!! What a milestone. I would love any of the prizes, but I guess #2, the box of collage materials would be what I would choose.

    anniecooper1313 at

  30. Congratulations on 500 posts. I would love to win any of the prizes you are offering.

  31. Congratulations! Lenna - I've taken two of your classes. Collage on Canvas and Mini Art Quilt Book, I enjoyed both of them and found your classes to inspire and give me freedom of expression. Thank you for sharing your gift to create. Your work is always something to look forward to.
    I like the idea of a collage pack.

  32. Ah Lenna, 500 posts, how grand. Congratulations. Your blog is so enjoyable. I'd love anything from you, a piece of artwork would be divine. Other choices might be online registration for a class, or the collage goodies. BTW, the Proclaimers are one of my favorite groups & I love that song! I just hit replay for the 3rd time. Thanks for the video.

  33. I have been enjoying your posts for awhile now. I am just getting into making artist's books and find your creations very inspirational. You are so prolific! My creative time is limited and I am lucky if I finish the monthly challenge on time of an organization of which I am a member (Artist Leadership Network). If I win, I would like to receive the materials from your stash. I regularly raid the recycle bin just outside my studio and save tea bags, packaging and litter from my walks! BTW, I have enjoyed the bird photos. We have resident mourning doves that are on their 3rd brood this year! Thanks for a great blog.

  34. Siri, siropdal@online.noMay 24, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    I have followed your blog only for a few months, it is lovely! And since I am a new reader, I have a lot of old posts to enjoy, perfect for a rainy day! So far I am into my second swap (which I am sure not will be the last one), and are currently making tags. Since I am a quilter, I wuold love to win the stash of fabric.

  35. okay!! I had a lot more comments that I expected . . . I am going to cut my paper list up into little strips, put them in a hat and choose 5 winners : ^ ) I will be back in a little while. GOOD LUCK!!!

  36. Victoria WormellMay 24, 2010 at 9:48 PM

    Congrats, Lenna! You have always been such an inspiration to me! I always enjoy viewing your art and am so glad to still be able to keep up with your life- all via blog (especially since I can't pop in on you since you're in FLORIDA now!). I would be thrilled with your fabric stash or a free swap.



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