Saturday, April 3, 2010

Springtime in Cortez, FL

Springtime in Cortez, FL, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Happy Spring, happy Easter!
Did you know there really is a Spring season in Florida? Tiny new leaves have started popping out on trees, the weather is getting much sunnier and warmer, and when I walk, sometimes I smell jasmine or maybe it is orange blossoms? Whatever it is - it smells wonderful! if you click on the photo I took above, you can see lots more!
lenna young andrews - April 3rd, 2010


  1. Happy Easter to you, too!

    Love the shot of the flower on the sand ... and the carts with all the pots of flowers is so beautiful!

  2. With your photos and description, I can smell it from here!

  3. Beautiful! HAppy Easter to you and your family, Lenna!

  4. That hibiscus is making me feel ever so homesick right now, not sure if I want to thank you for that ;)

  5. Beautiful photograph, Lenna! And I'm wondering if we could organize a location swap!!! I need some of that sunshine.

  6. LennaPie, I was thinking of you and wanted to pop in and wish you a HAPPY EASTER!
    It has been a while, but just wanted you to know that I hope that you are happy in FL and that things are going well with you and your darling! :)
    Sending squeezes,



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