Thursday, April 22, 2010

"skinny page" for Rande

As part of the Oh my Gothic yahoo group, I am making 4" x 8" skinny pages based on a theme chosen by my mailing partner for that month, each month for a year and a half! For April 2010, my partner is Rande Hanson, who has requested: Grungy and Rusty - Anything vintage, old doors, windows . . . Well! I started collecting rusty items for inspiration when hanging things on the laundry line one day . . .

Today I put these things together. Some objects were scanned and printed on vellum, some printed on matte paper - to create this two-sided page for Rande built on a 4x8 piece of watercolor paper. Everyone will bind their pages to create a collaborative book at the end of the exchange. Click on the pages below for more detail! That is a real, smashed, old rusted bottle cap on top of the first page attached with E6000 -I sure had fun smashing it!

The quotes are fun -unmounted words I picked up from zettiology at a convention many years ago . . . I also used a bit of white paint (iridescent), brown ColorBox pigment ink, and Rust embossing powder.

I hope you enjoy Rande! It is in the mail to you . . . 


  1. Fabulously creative Lenna! Awesome xxoo

  2. WOW!! Lenna this is fabulous and so original.

  3. i must say
    i do like
    those found objects
    very much,
    seems a bit
    different piece for you,
    you are really
    opening your wings,
    fly high...

  4. Yes, I see a new side of you Lenna, and it is fab!! More, more!!

  5. Lenna, These are gorgeous and will be so perfect for my book. Thank you so much. Can't wait to see them in person and add them to my book.

  6. I agree, Lenna, that these pages are quite a departure for you, but I just love how you've used all these rusty objects you found around you and as always I love the quotations you've added.

  7. Hi its been a busy 10 days or so and I'm just catching up on everyone's blogs that I follow.

    I just love how the scanned found objects on vellum look, ever so 3D. Great project idea.

    I'm off to catch up on your other posts.

  8. I like this Lenna, very clever!! I like the idea of scanning chunky elements to incorporate!



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