Thursday, April 8, 2010

my dad's creativity

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well, my dad has lots of creativity, encompassing many things, but in this instance I am speaking of his boat building skills, and he only picked up these skills in the past 20 years!
To quote my dad, "Back in ' 91 a fiberglass canoe washed up to my condo and I said to myself --I bet I can fix that. After new glass (fiberglass) on bottom, new gunwales & a fresh coat of paint, I began to look for a new seat (caned by hand) and ended up at Mac McCarthy's shop in Sarasota. One look and I was hooked. Fabulous canoes, half models, models etc... Since then I've built 7 different canoes and 2 sailboats, 2 half models and 1 melonseed model plus a ton of fun with great conversations."

My dad had an album of real photographs of his process of building the melonseed sailboat in 1994-95. He asked me if I would scan them for him so we could get them up online. Well, I took forever to do this because he gave me the album right before we moved from CT to FL. For a while, I did not have a scanner, and then lets face it -I procrastinated heavily because of the volume of work in front of me. Dad was good about reminding me in a good fatherly way and I finally have finished! I am so proud of me, and my dad for his beautiful work!!

You can see the set of photos (pick & choose what you view) with descriptions here: Melonseed build + Details. Or, view a slide show here: slideshow - Melonseed -Like I said on the set of photos page, I think my mom is right. She always says I got all my creativity from my dad! Love you, dad and enjoy!! lenna young andrews April 8, 2010

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  1. Amazing! - and just beautiful.

    It's so interesting to see the process from the very base beginnings to the final piece. Fascinating for those of us who have no idea what goes into building a boat!

    So much patience! WOW.



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