Saturday, April 17, 2010

Florida Gulf Coast Traditional Small Craft Festival

Above: Steven, me, and my dad at the Florida Gulf Coast Traditional Small Craft Festival today in Cortez, Florida.

Last week, Steven decided to enter the Traditional Small Craft Festival Race with the Melonseed Sailboat my father made in 1995. The two of them had recently refinished this boat from bow to stern, Steven loves this boat and the email about the race was so fun that I don't think Steven could resist joining!

Dave Lucas of Lucas Boatworks wrote, " Here's the rules. (you gotta love these rules!) The start is on or near your boat, where ever it is. : )) All type of water craft are allowed. Sail or paddle or row around the islands shown twice and finish on the sand bar by ringing a bell, or a girl. If you should run aground within 100 feet of the finish a foot race finish is permitted and any boat trying to pass you while on foot may be interfered with. There has been some concern voiced about the shallow water and larger boats not being able to participate. Again I've arranged for a nice high tide (+2.5 ft) to occur at the start of the race so there should be at least three and a half feet of water all over. I figure that the kayaks will be in front the first lap but then fade at the stretch home. Whenever one is passing you offer them a beer. Nothing like alcohol on a hot sunny day to slow them down . . . . "

If beautiful boats are your thing, or you just want to see what Cortez is like, click on the photo above for more photos or click here for a lovely, easy slideshow of the day! lenna young andrews - April 17, 2010


  1. Sounds like a very fun festival. But now I'm wondering about the girls in Florida. How do you make them ring???

  2. I don't know, Renate!! I did not see any 'girl-ringing' -all I saw was the ringing of a bell on a buoy as everyone finished up going around the islands! Mostly they got out of their boats in the shallow waters and ran to the bell! I think Dave Lucas was simply having fun with his "rules" writing.
    : ) lenna

  3. everyone looks
    very well in this photo,
    a bit of boating
    and floating,
    lively up yourself...

  4. Those rules are just too funny and sounds like you guys had a great day.



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