Wednesday, April 14, 2010

AB RR (altered book Round Robin)

small accordion book, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
I am winding up participating in a Round Robin that I was invited to join last summer. This is the ninth book I have worked in (counting my own) and it has been truly great. I have one more book to work in and then send home to it's owner. Oh! That means my book will be coming home too! Above is a page from Barbara DeLisle's "Sinful ladies" themed Book that I just worked in. Barbara wrote: "please do anything you want as long as the ladies are sinful." : ) i so love what you wrote, Barbara - and had a blast art-ing up a lot of pages in your yummy book. To view of slide show of these pages and more, just visit this link! - lenna young andrews - April 14, 2010


  1. 'sinful ladies',
    what a great theme,
    and such beautiful sins,
    makes me want to go to church,
    good work,

  2. How wonderful! I love that she instructed to do anything as long as the ladies were sinful. lol So fun!

  3. Great pages!! Gotta like the sinful part..hehehe..

  4. I hardly need say I LOVE this page, it's just so up my street. What a wonderful piece, Lenna!

  5. Lenna, the art you made for Barbara's book is just gorgeous!

    I also like the Song Titles ATC's swap you are doing, very nice. What a great theme idea too. Pam M

  6. How cool is this, I love her theme and your addition.

    I recently through a group I started am trying to start an Altered Book/ Art Journal Round Robin.

    I look forward to seeing your book when it returns to you.



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