Friday, April 30, 2010

song lyric ATCs

Here is a triptych ATC made for the bi-weekly lotto on the newly founded ARTchix Play Group. A triptych means it has three sections; and this one folds up to ATC size: "2.5" x 3.5". I chose the song Bluebird, sung by my all-time favorite musical artist: Ms. Bonnie Raitt.
front of Triptych ATC, folded
All images are ARTchix Studio.
Triptych open, from the back
Triptych ATC open from the front, with the lyrics shown 
-click for more detail

 Song lyric ATCs are a popular theme! I am participating in Marion Bockelmann's Beatle's or Stones songs ATC swap, and you can see my entries here on a previous post if you missed them. I made an extra one for Marion, which I did not show until now as I was waiting for her to receive it . . .

This one is similar to another one I made and gave to a friend!

And I am also participating in a Bob Dylan song lyrics swap through the ATCs for ALL site -wow! I have found that I really enjoy working with song lyrics as a theme . . . so much so, that lyrics are one of the options in my Tag Book swap for the words portion!

We are heading into the month of May - have a great day! 
lenna young andrews, April 30, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new swap announced: Tag book!

I have announced a new swap over on my creative swaps blog -just click on that link to read all the details. Registration takes place right on the blog and I am hoping you'll have time to join us. This is an 8 for 8 Tag swap combining favorite words, quotes, lyrics or poems with color! The tags can be made of paper or fabric and I will assemble them into a Tag Book for you before sending it home. It will be fun, check it out!
: ^ ) lenna young - April 28th, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dance ATCs

Dance ATCs . . . it would seem like a fairly simple and straight forward task to make 10 ATCs on a "dance" theme, wouldn't you think? It wasn't that it was a difficult task for me, but more that it was an emotional journey. I created 14 ATCs and will show some of them here. If you would like to view a slideshow of ALL of the ATCs, please click here.

I was very excited to see this theme on the Circle of Friends yahoo group when I joined the group last month. I started dance classes (ballet, modern) when I was 7 years old and continued taking classes into my 40's. My teacher for most of those years was Truda Kaschmann, shown on the ATC below.

Truda taught everyone, including my mom. She was Alwin Nickolais teacher as well, shown below in a 1939 dance he performed with Truda in Hartford, CT. Click on any ATC for more detail.

Alvin Ailey - bottom, Alwin Nickolais, top
Doing this swap and pouring over articles I had saved on Truda really had me remembering my teacher and everything she has given me. I know it is because of her, that I am the creative person I am today. The improvisations we did in class where she would ask us to do "something different" are the basis for how I approach my art making today. I am often asking myself, "how can I do this differently - ie: more creatively?"

I made extra ATCs and encouraged my mom to chose one tonight -
This is the ATC she picked because she said it was so beautiful, with the Alvin Ailey dancers. The words on white paper are Truda's.
This is Truda (top) and my mom, bottom left.
Truda was loving, but strict. She pushed us to work hard but encouraged us, and celebrated with us when we mastered that step or made that leap. I am indebted to her for how she shaped me as an artist.

The writing is from a paper done about Truda by Margret Dillon. The words about the beginning of one of Truda's classes are so true, I can feel myself right there.

The back of all of the ATCs is a variation of this - with a quote from Pilobolus dancer Annika Sheaff.

This quote, which I only found recently by reading the Pilobolus dance blog really means a lot to me. I think that like dancers, artists can tell a million stories with their art and there are no wrong interpretations. I do not usually get so philosophical, but taking this theme to heart and working from my personal experience as I like to do, brought up a lot of feelings today. You could say I am a very emotional artist, and be correct! But that is what I like to do with my art; express myself and my feelings. It helps me to navigate this life and I am so grateful for those of you who have been enjoying my expression! xo lenna young andrews April 27, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

4x4 swap + a future swap!

Today was the deadline for all the 4x4 pieces for our roads+paths swap on my creative swaps blog to be delivered to me. I have chosen Valerie Cowan as the most creative (see below) and she will receive FREE registration to the next creative swap of her choosing!

Valerie Cowan's winning artwork!
To view a beautiful little slide show video that shows a sampling of all of the participant's artwork, please go here.  Enjoy!! I will be announcing a new swap on the creative swaps blog next week. It is going to be a Tag swap (8 for 8) where you can choose any size tag (within reason!) and then choose a color to work with of your choice. Make sure you have a word - a quote - a lyric or a poem on each of your tags and then send them to me. They can be fabric or paper Tags. I will put the swaps together and create a Tag Book for each participant including a cover I make myself and send it back to you. More details & sign-ups on the creative swaps blog next week! I'm looking forward to this . . . lenna young andrews - April 24th, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"skinny page" for Rande

As part of the Oh my Gothic yahoo group, I am making 4" x 8" skinny pages based on a theme chosen by my mailing partner for that month, each month for a year and a half! For April 2010, my partner is Rande Hanson, who has requested: Grungy and Rusty - Anything vintage, old doors, windows . . . Well! I started collecting rusty items for inspiration when hanging things on the laundry line one day . . .

Today I put these things together. Some objects were scanned and printed on vellum, some printed on matte paper - to create this two-sided page for Rande built on a 4x8 piece of watercolor paper. Everyone will bind their pages to create a collaborative book at the end of the exchange. Click on the pages below for more detail! That is a real, smashed, old rusted bottle cap on top of the first page attached with E6000 -I sure had fun smashing it!

The quotes are fun -unmounted words I picked up from zettiology at a convention many years ago . . . I also used a bit of white paint (iridescent), brown ColorBox pigment ink, and Rust embossing powder.

I hope you enjoy Rande! It is in the mail to you . . . 

Dad's melonseed sailboat made the local papers!

This was in the Anna Maria Island Sun -a local paper- yesterday! The melonseed sailboat my dad made, my husband and dad refinished, and my husband Steven raced on Saturday, is pictured in the paper, top right. You can read more about the day here!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sharon Borsavage (L) and Lenna Young Andrews (R) - AB exchange

This is my Altered Book with a theme of nature, and part of a one-on-one exchange: Sharon Borsavage did the altered page on the left - "Think like a Tree". I tried to compliment her art with what I did on the right. This book is now in the mail on its way to Sharon so she can add more altered art to the pages of this old music book. We have each worked in our own books twice and in each other's books once, so far! We are taking our time and will keep exchanging and arting up pages back and forth until we both think our books are done. To see a slide show showing both of our work in both books: please click here. Another favorite page I just finished is below - hope you enjoy!

lenna young andrews - April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cortez, Florida assemblage

Cortez, FL shrine by lenna
I have held onto this ATC sized "Dream Box" (aka nicho) from ARTchix Studio for some time; I bought it before we moved to Florida. Yesterday, I was itching to do something different and thought an assemblage in this nicho illustrating my new life in Florida would be just the ticket! 

I have seen so many unusual birds since arriving here from CT; I used one of the Bird themed Art Blast playing cards from ARTchix Studio and added some shells I’ve gathered on the beach. I also used a piece of coconut palm tree fiber (on the bottom under the door). This stuff falls off the trees in my yard a lot and looks like some type of fabric. I have been wanting to use it in my art for a while and this is a start . . .

Steven found the feather for me on one of his many canoeing trips. I used E6000 glue to hold the feather, shells and coconut palm tree fiber to the metal, and I could not resist a splash of stardust glitter -like the sparkle of the water here. I attached the ART Blast playing card to a piece of open weave handmade paper, but the card & paper can be easily removed should I want to open the glass door and change the shrine. I could put in an ATC I made (one of my ocean themed ones would be great!) or perhaps a photo. Click on any picture here for a larger photo and more details.

lenna young andrews - april 20th, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Florida Gulf Coast Traditional Small Craft Festival

Above: Steven, me, and my dad at the Florida Gulf Coast Traditional Small Craft Festival today in Cortez, Florida.

Last week, Steven decided to enter the Traditional Small Craft Festival Race with the Melonseed Sailboat my father made in 1995. The two of them had recently refinished this boat from bow to stern, Steven loves this boat and the email about the race was so fun that I don't think Steven could resist joining!

Dave Lucas of Lucas Boatworks wrote, " Here's the rules. (you gotta love these rules!) The start is on or near your boat, where ever it is. : )) All type of water craft are allowed. Sail or paddle or row around the islands shown twice and finish on the sand bar by ringing a bell, or a girl. If you should run aground within 100 feet of the finish a foot race finish is permitted and any boat trying to pass you while on foot may be interfered with. There has been some concern voiced about the shallow water and larger boats not being able to participate. Again I've arranged for a nice high tide (+2.5 ft) to occur at the start of the race so there should be at least three and a half feet of water all over. I figure that the kayaks will be in front the first lap but then fade at the stretch home. Whenever one is passing you offer them a beer. Nothing like alcohol on a hot sunny day to slow them down . . . . "

If beautiful boats are your thing, or you just want to see what Cortez is like, click on the photo above for more photos or click here for a lovely, easy slideshow of the day! lenna young andrews - April 17, 2010

Postcard swap: create art share happiness

Fortunately, Helga extended the postmark deadline on this ARTchix swap to April 19th, and I was able to finish my 6 postcards, whew! You can read all about this swap (and others) on the ARTchix Studio Activities page! I had a blast putting these together. We were required to use 3 ARTchix sheets: Create ART, Passion for Pink and Green world. Tell me what you think!

lenna young andrews - April 17th, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

AB RR (altered book Round Robin)

small accordion book, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
I am winding up participating in a Round Robin that I was invited to join last summer. This is the ninth book I have worked in (counting my own) and it has been truly great. I have one more book to work in and then send home to it's owner. Oh! That means my book will be coming home too! Above is a page from Barbara DeLisle's "Sinful ladies" themed Book that I just worked in. Barbara wrote: "please do anything you want as long as the ladies are sinful." : ) i so love what you wrote, Barbara - and had a blast art-ing up a lot of pages in your yummy book. To view of slide show of these pages and more, just visit this link! - lenna young andrews - April 14, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beatles or Stones songs -Marion's Annual ATC swap

Well! I just cannot say enough good things about Marion Bockelmann's art - I really love what she does! So, when she announced on her blog that she was going to host her Annual Beatles songs (or Stones) ATC swap - I knew I would participate. The rules for this swap: base your ATCs on any Beatles or Rolling Stones songs (or lyrics) and send 3 ATCs to her in Germany before May 15th. I mixed it up and did some songs from each band, plus I made more than required. I wanted to give one to Marion for hosting and make an extra or two to so I could explore the theme. Here are the six ATCs I made, click on any of  them for more detail - Wild Horses:
These scans look large, but they are only 2.5" x 3.5"- 
Brown Sugar:

Here Comes the Sun-
The transparency images above and below are from ARTchix Studio, and the lyrics were printed on a transparency below so the background of watercolor crayons could show through.

Norwegian Wood:
Paint it Black-
The black heart is polymer clay, made by Sharon Borsavage and the images of the Bird and the Arches transparency are from ARTchix Studio. I stamped the music notes on the transparency.
Wild Horses 2 -
The background of this ATC is some digital art by a friend (thank you) and stamping the horses was done with StazOn ink on a transparency that was printed first with the lyrics on my inkjet printer.
I am keeping this one for myself!
I must say that Marion really made me think! This was a wonderful challenge, fun to do too, and I so look forward to my returns.
lenna young andrews - April 10, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dove Grey and Pink ATCs

DoveGrey-Pink ATC.Caryl, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Above is an enlarged version (from flickr) of the ATC I made for  Caryl Hoobler as part of the Color Groupies exchange. I made these ATCs a while ago but needed to keep them under wraps until everyone in the group had received them, so it would be a surprise! We have a small, closed group of just four artists now, who exchange ATCs on a monthly basis. The only rule is that we create our ATCs based on a specific color combination and for March, our color combo was Pastel pink and Dove Grey. I started out with that HUGE fabric-paper collage I made last month.
My, my, it's looking kind of 'holey' now! I got the pieces below from it -I thought they would work; click for more detail.
I hand sewed silver (grey) beads on to the fabric pieces, added decorative sewing with pink thread and beautiful clear stickers with birds, from Alpha Stamps.
The photo in the ATC above is of my father and his sister when they were very small. I had incorporated it into my original fabric-paper collage, and then cut the fabric so to include it in the ATC, which was sent to  Debby Harriettha.

The photo on the ATC above is me this time, on a boat when I was a young girl visiting my grandmother in Florida! This ATC was sent to my very good friend,  Frieda Oxenham.
This last ATC I made for myself! I like to create an extra one to keep and display with the other ATCs I receive from Debby, Caryl and Frieda. I have a couple of very fat notebooks containing all these ATCs for inspiration as this is my 3rd year participating. Next month, look for Pomegranate & Plum as our color combo! lenna young andrews - April 9th, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

my dad's creativity

001, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
well, my dad has lots of creativity, encompassing many things, but in this instance I am speaking of his boat building skills, and he only picked up these skills in the past 20 years!
To quote my dad, "Back in ' 91 a fiberglass canoe washed up to my condo and I said to myself --I bet I can fix that. After new glass (fiberglass) on bottom, new gunwales & a fresh coat of paint, I began to look for a new seat (caned by hand) and ended up at Mac McCarthy's shop in Sarasota. One look and I was hooked. Fabulous canoes, half models, models etc... Since then I've built 7 different canoes and 2 sailboats, 2 half models and 1 melonseed model plus a ton of fun with great conversations."

My dad had an album of real photographs of his process of building the melonseed sailboat in 1994-95. He asked me if I would scan them for him so we could get them up online. Well, I took forever to do this because he gave me the album right before we moved from CT to FL. For a while, I did not have a scanner, and then lets face it -I procrastinated heavily because of the volume of work in front of me. Dad was good about reminding me in a good fatherly way and I finally have finished! I am so proud of me, and my dad for his beautiful work!!

You can see the set of photos (pick & choose what you view) with descriptions here: Melonseed build + Details. Or, view a slide show here: slideshow - Melonseed -Like I said on the set of photos page, I think my mom is right. She always says I got all my creativity from my dad! Love you, dad and enjoy!! lenna young andrews April 8, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

more mail art

I must admit mail art is something I never can get enough of, both the sending of and the receiving! It just does something for me . . .  here is an envelope I made with lots of ARTchix Studio collage images created by owner Helga Strauss and also some favorite rubber stamps of mine . . .
I like to art up the back of the envelope too,  if i have time ; ^  )

For sending the Ocean themed ATCs that I shared with you yesterday, i did this - click on it for a larger view.
The envelope was so big i could not even fit all of it on my scanner! I used a leftover portion of the fabric I printed the photo on in the middle. It was actually my test piece for stamping on before I went to the ATCs. I used a photo copy on paper of one of the ATCs for my return address . . . i think it looks cool. The stamping was done with thick black VersaCraft ink, and the Fish and the mermaid's tail got a dusting of psychedelic embossing powder which when heated, shimmers and turns from green to blue in the light. Send some mail art today!  : ) lenna young andrews - April 7, 2010 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ocean ATCs

Ocean ATCs, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I just finished these 10 ATCs tonight (yes, ten!) for a swap hosted through the Circle of Friends yahoo group, a new group for me which hosts monthly swaps on a theme. When I joined last week I saw that 'Ocean' was a theme, but realized I had just missed the deadline. I was really happy when Caroline said she needed someone to fill in for this swap at the last minute. I had just found an old fishing net and had lots of ideas!

The small round iridescent glass spheres you see in 2 sizes can be found at - they are one of my favorite embellishments. Besides the photos shown here, you can also view more (and with much more detail) with a slideshow of how I made these fabric ATCs. I started by printing one of my water/shell/ocean photos onto fabric and using that as a base. I also had a couple of visitors to my studio while I was making them -they are in the slide show too : )

lenna young andrews April 6, 2010 in cortez, Florida