Sunday, March 21, 2010

sunday postcard ART -steampunk

Yikes! This week's theme on Sunday Postcard Art was certainly a challenge for me. Steampunk! Click on the postcard for a larger view with more details...
I have heard of the term Steampunk before, but it is not really my thing. Kind of too futuristic and metallic for me. I decided to try to do this postcard challenge anyway. I started with some definitions of the word, printed them out and used that for a background layered on top of a watercolor postcard. I picked out an image from ARTchix Studio on the Playful Gents collage sheet, then painted my background with an iridescent watercolor set from Yasutomo in silver and brass. Then I added some watch parts and gears with E6000 glue. I finished the postcard by running a metallic marker around the edges and wrapping the entire postcard in tan silk thread. Wow! This was work for me, but I am glad to have participated again. I have connected with a bunch of mixed media artists that are new to me.

I have been working hard the past few days on a very large fabric paper collage. I hope to share it with you tomorrow!
Lenna Young Andrews, March 21, 2010


  1. you did wonderful..I like the different hardware pieces

  2. i think your 'steampunk'
    came out pretty well,
    don't you?
    the thread
    is a nice touch,
    i like wrapping things up,
    brings some mystery
    into our world,
    and i thought 'steampunk'
    was a band,
    large fabric paper collage?
    curiouser and curiouser,

  3. I think it's fantastic Lenna! I recently tried steampunk for the first time too, and I found it pretty interesting, liked it more than I thought!

  4. Oh wow this is stunning.
    Brilliant creation. Love them.

  5. Great postcard, Lenna. I love how you've used the definition of steampunk for a background.

  6. You did great! Love your Wolfe Island dog too. Those dogs look like they really live a great life!!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog andfor your nice comment, your steampunk postcard is wonderful and also very creatively made, great background with all the words.

  8. It's great to see your steampunk postcard, Lenna. I've recently ventured into steampunk myself and I love what you've done here!

  9. Thank you for leaving lovely comments on my blog, Lenna, your steampunk card is a great example of the theme! Love the thread wrapping around the card, great idea!

  10. Stunning steampunk creation, Lenna!
    Thank you for your participation!

  11. I really like this steampunkcard!

  12. This is very cool, I like the way you used the definition as the background!

  13. For someone who claims to know very little of steam punk you certainly came up with a wonderful piece of art. I love the background - its textures and soft colour - and I love the steampunk features you have added sparingly, leaving the background to shine.
    Great work.



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