Friday, March 12, 2010

skinny book pages for paula dion

Each month I create a "skinny book" page (4" x 8") based on a theme chosen by one of the Oh My Gothic yahoo group members and in turn, someone makes a page for me on my theme of love. We collect all the pages over 16 - 18 months and then we'll bind them at the end of the exchange for a cool collaborative book! This month, I needed to create a page, both front & back for Paula Dion. Her theme is HATS - hats on people, hats on animals, hats on anything, red hats, blue hats, me hats, you hats, Vintage hats, use your imagination hats . . . well, how about hats made of flowers? Here is what I came up with -click on any photo for more detail - or view all of my skinny book pages in this album.
This side of the page is 2 layers -there is 1 image printed on vellum on top of another image printed on paper. I will show you below . . . 

Kind of a little surprise! Paula - I hope you love this. 
It was a challenge for me but once i stretched myself, a joy to create - just what i needed, thank you!
lenna young andrews - March 12, 2010


  1. Tus trabajos maravillosos !!! me encantan.


  2. You are so talented, I love them.

  3. Lenna your pages are beautiful. I love what you done for these.

  4. Over the top again Lenna!!! *sigh* soooo beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous, Lenna. I have been experimenting with tracing paper, as I am having a problem adhering vellum. I love the images you incorporated here!

  6. Lenna ... I am so thrilled that these pages will be a part of my Hat book .... they really are stunning! Thank you so much! Paula

  7. I love the dreamy, magical look of these pages. And of course the quotation is especially close to my heart!

  8. Oh Lenna this is truly beautiful. I absolutely love it.
    Hope you are well and had a good birthday I have been so busy things have slipped by but I always follow your gorgeous blog!
    hugs Claire x

  9. beautiful beautiful work Lenna! Always so much fun to come over and see what you've been magically creating!



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