Wednesday, March 10, 2010

palma sola sky

02.23.10-palma sola sky 4, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

one late afternoon, a week or so ago after we went walking, we were on the way to my parent's house and the sky was incredible -like a quilt . . . there are a few more photos when you click on the one above -then choose all sizes for a huge view. : ) lenna


  1. Gorgeous. Sometimes the texture of the clouds remind me of sand under the sea. Ever notice the similarity? Or is it just me?

  2. I'm originally from the West Indies in the Caribbean, living in the UK you don't see skies like this very often may once every couple of years.

    So thanks for sharing I miss skies like these.

  3. Both the sky and the photograph you've taken of it are fantastic! So inspirational.

  4. I love taking photos of the sky. this is so pretty!

  5. Like, totally awesome!!! Love this-incredible photo!!! We are into the grey skies and drizzle state of mind here! LOL!



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